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Bring your pet to Malta

Updated on May 1, 2016

Bringing your pet to Malta

For pets traveling from EEA/EU: I checked all the websites I could find on google when moving to Malta with our little poochy Leia but still got it wrong. I went to the Malta Veterinary Association website which gives you almost everything you need to know about bringing your pet to Malta but not all you need to know.

Upon entering we were stopped but a very stern looking man who asked us if we notified the authorities that we are bringing a dog into the country. We clearly had no idea what he was talking about and he pointed us in the direction of the customs office.

Luckily the customs officer was very helpful and informed us that we needed to fill in a form to notify them that we will be bringing a pet. He checked her, scanned her microchip and gave me the information on where to find the form for next time. It could of gone a lot worse, they could of been really difficult about it but instead they were helpful and understanding, but I wont take that chance again!

So if you follow the info on the Malta Veterinary Association site and go to the website and fill out FORM 1 (provided you have Excel) then customs will be waiting for you when you arrive to check your pet.

Also get your vet to sign Clinical Examination page at the back of your pet passport, apparently they don’t always check it and some vet’s might forget to sign it. Them signing it states that your pet is healthy to travel.

For more info you can contact them on: 00356 9917 0532

After that it should be smooth sailing and sunshine for you and your fur child.

Malta Pet Travel
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