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Brisbane, Australia at a Glimpse

Updated on May 8, 2017

Brisbane is the third largest city of Australia and has the population above 1.6 billion. It is situated at the river Brisbane and is known as Brisbane state. It is the capital of Queensland. The city is known for having scenic beauty and temperate climate. The atmosphere is friendly and the climate is temperate. Every year thousands of tourists from all across the world go to the Brisbane for sightseeing and tourism.

It is a cosmopolitan place which is famous for its superb food. There is vibrant, lively arts scene and modern high-rise buildings whose structures are of steel and also have glass components but still there are many traditional wooden cottages too. You will also find some historical buildings. As the city was started as a port, you will see many historic buildings near the river. Brisbane is also famous for its world-class galleries, theatres, museums, and art centers. You will find a huge number of gardens and parks for you to enjoy outing but if you love open-air spaces then you can also find plenty of such places for eating and drinking. The city has several classy restaurants and cafes for the people who love eating and drinking.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Some top parks and gardens that tourists usually love to visit include Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Captain Bruke Park, Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, Moora park and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

There is no shortage of places to enjoy in Brisbane. Some other top attractions for the tourists include a Tropical Display Dome, Fern House, a Lagoon, national freedom wall and Bamboo Grove etc.

The tourists can find some of the best museums in the city. The city is also famous for some lively arts scene and historic buildings. Queensland Cultural Centre is considered as the center of arts scenes of the city. There is the Queensland Art Gallery, Museum, Performing Arts Centre and Library there.

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The famous historic buildings in Brisbane include the Parliament House, General Post Office, City House, Commissariat Store Museum, Old Windmill etc. The main churches include the St John's Anglican Cathedral and the Cathedral of St Stephen.

Brisbane is a lively city. Tourists find everything marvelous there. By visiting the above mentioned tourists attractions there, you can gain great insight on the nature, entertainment and art scene there. Besides, all these attractions, this city has some great restaurants to offer the great food to the people. It is one of the best cities of the world that will give a very relaxing and enriching experience to the tourists.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


If you are planning your holidays and feeling confused to select the city then Brisbane is the best place you should head to. The above given facts about the Brisbane will help you know why Brisbane is the most popular place to visit.

Moving around the city is not very expensive. The accommodation is also affordable for the tourists. March to May is the best time to visit the city. Brisbane is not only the best city to visit but it is also the best city for living.

Brisbane Attractions


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