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Bruges: Belfry & Halle

Updated on March 21, 2016

The Belfry previously served as a treasury and the municipal archive as well as an observation post for discovering fires and other hazards. It offers 366 steps of staircase leading to the peak of the building 83 meters of height, which has a lean of 1 meter towards the east. Standing on the top of the belfry provides you a panoramic view of Bruges and downward spectacular scenery. On the way to the top, visitors go through the former treasury of the belfry. And on the stone floor, you can have chances to find out more and more about the bells and the carillon. Then you will have a close look at the ‘Triumphant Bell’ and the clockwork mechanism. Behind of the tower lies the former rectangular market hall which offers 84 meters in depth and 44 meters in width as well as a spacious courtyard inside. When the bells were made, the city’s citizens have been regulated based on the announce of the bells about the time, fire alarms, work hours, and a variety of social, political, and religious activities. The regular sounding of certain bells are assured to work precisely. In the 16th century, a carillon was added to the tower so that the bells can be played with a hand keyboard. At present, the carillon consists of 47 bells which weigh 27.5 tons. The belfry deserves one of the most significant towers of the city of Bruges.


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