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Bucharest Travel Guide

Updated on October 18, 2015

Bucharest Travel Guide

The little Paris step by step

Vibrant and filled with tourist sights worth visiting, Bucharest is among the most beautiful European capitals. The city invites you to let yourself be amazed by the museum's rich collections but also enjoy the charm that's all around the Historical Centre. If you care to know what are the most interesting attractions in Bucharest, keep reading and find out what this joyful city is offering.

  • The Parliament House

The Parliament House in Bucharest, Romania( also known as People's House, before the 1989 revolution ), measures 270m/240m, 86m high and 92m underground. It displays 12 floors on the surface and another eight underground.

The building is situated in the central part of Bucharest in a place that today is called The Arsenal Hill. It was construction begun in 1983, and you can find it in Guinness Book being the second larger surface after the Pentagon building.

The Parliament House has aproximately 1000 rooms, of wich 440 are offices, over 30 ballrooms, salons and restaurants. Their names were chosen after 1989 referring to important events and personalities in the history of Romanian people. m

  • The George Enescu Museum

    Also known as The Cantacuzino Palace, the Museum was the host of the Ministers Council around world war two. In 1956, it became The George Enescu Memorial Museum, dedicated to the great Romanian composer. You ca find here some of his personal documents and objects such as the violin he received as a present when he was only four years old, sheets of music, diplomas and medals.
  • The University Central Library

The library was built at the demand of King Carol the first, by the French architect Paul Gottereau. It was finished in 1893 being called The Carol I University Foundation and for the next two years it was equipped and arranged. The inauguration was made by Carol I, on the 14th of March 1895.

During the 1989 revolution the building lost a big part of its portfolio consisting of rare books, maps and manuscripts.

  • Park Carol

Park Carol was built from 1900 until 1906, on an old grape vine plantation, being considered at that time amongst the most beautiful parks of the city.

The central alley of Park Carol is geometrically arranged, the rest of the park being filled with romantic alleys. Here you can also find The Romans Arenas, with a 5.500 people capacity in plain air and The Unknown Soldier Monument, brought here in 1991, from Marasesti.

  • Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum

Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum was founded in 1843 under Alexandru Ghana's reign, and was originally named The National Museum. It was run by a lot of scientists, over time, growing to become one of the most prestigious institutions of this kind in the world.

Besides all the mentioned above, Bucharest warmly invites you to visit and discover for yourself many other attractions that you will sure remember with great pleasure.


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