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Bucket List! 101 Things To Do Before You Die

Updated on March 4, 2015

101 Things You Must Do Before You Die!

  1. Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live in New York
  2. Swim with Dolphins
  3. Eat Pasta in Italy
  4. Run any kind of marathon
  5. Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge
  6. Ride a camel in the Desert
  7. Visit a rainforest
  8. Learn how to play at least one song on the guitar
  9. Volunteer in another Country
  10. Travel to a relaxing place all by yourself
  11. Swim under a Waterfall
  12. Ride an elephant
  13. Get front row seats to a concert
  14. Go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef
  15. Learn to surf
  16. See the Northern lights in Alaska
  17. Go to the Super Bowl
  18. See the Las Vegas Strip at night
  19. Visit a real castle
  20. Go to Disney World or Disney Land


21.Eat a hot dog from a hot dog cart in New York

22. See Venice, Italy

23. Eat at a Famous Chef's restaurant

24. Watch the lighting of the Christmas tree in Time Square

25. Go Swimming in every Ocean

26. Go back packing through Europe

27. Spend a romantic Vacation in Paris

28. See the Grand Canyon

29. Try to Climb Mt Everest

30. Visit Niagara Falls

31. Road trip across America in an RV

32. Visit the Empire State Building and go to the Top Floor

33. Drive through Route 66

34. Eat Chinese food in China

35. Ride a dog sled

36. Drink Tea in England

37. Sleep under the stars

38. Spend two weeks unplugged, no phone, internet, t.v.

39. Watch a meter shower

40. Stomp on grapes to make wine


41. Spend Chinese new year in China

42. get in the best body shape and stay their for 1 year

43. Rock climb something other than a rock wall

44. Spend at least one Mardi Gras in New Orleans

45. Be an extra in a movie

46. Visit the Ice Caves of Juneau in Alaska

47. Make Spaghetti sauce from tomatoes and can it

48. Go camping in a tent, with no electricity

49. Go on an African Safari

50. Add a lock to the love lock bridge in Paris

51. See the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC

52. Go shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA

53. Horse Back ride on the beach

54. Visit the statue of Liberty

55. Spend St. Patrick's day in Ireland

56. Ride on a Zip line

57. Spend a winter vacation at a ski lodge

58. Go to Maine

59. Learn how to speak a different Language

60. Visit the Sistine Chapel


61. Visit all 7 Continents

62. Read the top 100 books ever written

63. Sew 50 blankets and donate them to the homeless

64. Own your own dream house

65. See the Eiffel Tower at night

66. Stay at a bed and breakfast

67. Go on at least Vacation once a year

68. Learn how to play chess

69. See the Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island in Maldiveshess

70. Be the difference you wish to see in the world

71. Start your own business, be your own boss

72. Take a ride in a hot air balloon

73. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger

74. Plant a tree at every house that you live, so you can leave a little bit of you behind.

75. Write a biography of your life for your children to read

76. Have a picnic out of a picnic basket, on a blanket, in the country

77. Pack your suitcase and drive to a random location for a spontaneous vacation

78. Knit a scarf

79. Eat Something new and exotic once in your life

80. Start a vegetable garden every summer


81. Make something completely from scratch, hopefully with items that you grew yourself from your garden

82. Spend a relaxing day in a hot spring

83. Conquer your biggest fear

84. Quit any job that you hate, before you become miserable

85. Learn to meditate

86. Spend at least one New Years Eve in Time square and watch the ball drop

87. Fly on an airplane in first class at least once

88. Be vegan for one week

89. See the tulip fields in the Netherlands

90. Fight for a cause that you truly believe in

91. Walk Through the Antelope Canyons in Arizona

92. Attend the Olympics one year

93. Be a member of a live audience on a talk show

94. Watch a lunar eclipse

95. Visit the Holy Land

96. Bury a time capsule and open it 20 years later

97. Attend a cooking class

98. Get your fortune read, it could be your palms or cards. But don't take it seriously

99. Adopt something, a pet or a child and make a huge difference in their lives

100. Ride on the Swing at the End of the World in Banos, Ecuador

101. Live your life to the fullest



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