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Budget/Cheap shopping centers to buy clothes, electronics, food in Boston, MA - Andrew, Park Street and other areas

Updated on September 8, 2011

I visited Boston in June 2011. I really liked the city. Some people say Boston is an Intelligent city as there are some of the top universities in the world (hence assumed that intelligent people live in the city). It was not as crowded nor people as busy as in New York. There were lots of parks around, lots of students and cheap places to live and dine out.

Train: If you have flown in by air, there are airport shuttle to a station called 'Government Center'. From there you can get connections to the downtown Boston (city center) . The trains are identified by colors. For instance, the train from 'Government Center' to 'Park Street' (popular shopping center) is called blue line. In the station ' Government Center' you can see the map for the train lines. Taking tickets is tricky here. If you plan to be in Boston for a week or so, take a weekly ticket that cost around $15. It is so much cheaper than individual tickets. If you plan to take tickets during each journey, it costs $2 per travel. If you plan to be in Boston, just for a single day, there is also a day ticket. If you are habitual rule braker and is planning to get inside the train without a ticket, it won't work as you need a ticket even to get inside the platform.

I didn't like the train system here. Old trains, too crowded and not so baby wagon or wheelchair friendly. More over I am not a big fan of travelling underground, it's too hot in summer.

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Tallest building in the New England area. Train fair chart
Tallest building in the New England area.
Tallest building in the New England area.
Train fair chart
Train fair chart

Shopping: 'Copley', 'Prudential Center', Park Street are all famous shopping centers in downtown Boston. If you are looking for cloths, Macys is a very big shopping center with all the famous brands. If you are looking for budget shopping Macys is an ideal shop during clearance sale in June -July as well as in Christmas. You get discount even up to 50%. Macys is not just for clothes, but also for jewelries, cosmetics, bags and kids and women's accessories.

There is another cheap shop called Marshall (located near park street), where you can get out of season clothes. They are fairly cheap. If you really want to have a budget shopping for clothes, electronics, food and other home accessories, the best place to go is 'Andrew'. From 'Park Street, you have to catch red line (train) to 'Andrew'. After getting out at 'Andrew', go upstairs to the exit, turn right, cross the bridge and you will see a very big shopping center. You will get almost everything there at fairly cheap rate. Someone also told me about 'China Town' in Boston is also a cheap shopping center. ' Wall Mart' is another budget shopping center, but the problem is, it is mainly located in the outskirts of the city. In my opinion, Andrew is the best place in Boston to have a budget shopping.

Religious articles: There is a catholic religious store near Park Street. The street name is West Street 42 (Liturgical Apostolate Center). There is also a Jewish Temple neary. If you want to visit a catholic church, I recommend the church near 'Hynes Convention Center' (green line). I went there and I liked it.

Harvard University Souvenirs: If you like the famous universities and research centers in Boston, best place to get down is ' Long wood Ave' (green line). You can see Harvard University' , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Simmons College, Emmanuel College and Wheelock College all around this area. Near Harvard Children's hospital there is a shop where you can buy T-shirts, books and Souvenirs of Harvard University.

If you get an opportunity to visit east cost, do visit Boston. I want to visit Boston again. I like the city.

If you know more about Boston or have suggestions for budget shopping, please share it with us in the comments box below.

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