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Budget Traveling Tips

Updated on August 10, 2011

Traveling is always fun and enjoyable for anyone. However, if you are like most of us traveling has become almost impossible because we are on such a tight budget that just paying our bills each month is a miracle. Which for traveling doesn't leave us with much money to spend and typically means we are either saving money up for a nice big vacation or taking shorter trips. Now though I know that I have followed some simple advice and tips and managed to have some wonderful vacations on a tight budget by following some simple budget traveling tips that I have used to make my own vacations very successful while still being on a very tight budget.

The first budget travel tip that I know of is to try to stay in campgrounds if possible because they are typically much cheaper than staying in a hotel. The downside is you will have to start planning these vacations in advance because many campgrounds now require advance registration in my experience and if you are not registered in advance you will not be guarenteed a spot in the campground which can really ruin your budget travel vacation. However, if you do not like camping or are unable to get into the campground you will want to shop around for the hotel that you will be staying in or find a bed and breakfast. I know that while traveling on a budget can be a challenge while staying in a hotel you will want to try to book in advance at the lowest possible rate and then when you check in see if any rate is lower than what you have already. Just doing that one little step can save you tons of money and if you do not have reservations you might luck into a hotel that is trying to sell out for the night and get some even better deals, but when traveling on a budget this can be a risky proposition.

The second budget travel tip is to set a daily meal allowance. Now depending on the area that you are traveling to you will have to vary this portion. The daily meal allowance will need to be enough to give you three meals a day and remember to take into account the other members of your family as well. So if you have a family of four then you might want to take into account for three meals per day look at spending close to eighty dollars as a rough estimate. Then if you do not spend that much then you will be able to save even more money up to spend on items that you can bring home with you to help you remember your wonderful vacation that you took on a budget.

The third budget travel tip that I found is if you are like me and my family you probably like to take home an item to friends and family. If you do this then you will want to set a spending limit on what you are willing to spend on each person. Remember the travel budget might not allow this to happen, so you will want to try to set a high amount and stay well under that amount so if you are purchasing for five people you will want to set a budget of like one hundred dollars for everyone. That way you will not feel bad if you buy someone a gift that is twenty bucks and that spends your budget for two people and leave you unable to afford purchasing a gift for someone else. So if you set a travel budget for just the entire group you will have a rough estimate of how much to spend on each person, but will be able to adjust that to each person as you need to as long as you stay under the entire budget.

While traveling on a budget might not be as fun as when you are able to spend a fortune and not have to worry about the money that you are spending it can be as fun as you want to make it. I know that for me just being able to travel is always fun and enjoyable even if the traveling that I am doing is on a budget. Which for most of us is the only way that we are able to travel anymore because of the cost of everything being so high. I know that the budget travel tips that I gave are ones that I use and have helped me save money during my travels and I am sure that they will help you save money on your budget traveling as well.

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    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      great and nice tips. I hope it work for us.