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Buffalo, NY- Fun Places to See and Places to Go Around Buffalo

Updated on April 24, 2016

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In Buffalo New York, You will find many places to see and visit while you enjoy your stay. The city of Buffalo Is famous for its Buffalo Wings. In one of my previous hubs you will find a recipe for a version of true buffalo wings. The first buffalo wings started out at the Anchor Bar. This is a really good restaurant/Bar. You will find many different versions of buffalo wings at this location.  Be sure to check it out for yourself.

Another place to check out is the Buffalo Zoo. This isn't a really big Zoo that you would think you would find in a big city but it is worth checking out. Here you will find Polar Bears and Giraffe's and many more types of animals. The price is pretty reasonable since most zoo's are outragous and you will have to pay for parking but it is worth the cost. If you want you can park in Delaware Park which is really close by and a nice little walk to the zoo and you wont have to pay to park. You will want to follow the signs closely to make sure you are going the right way.

A big place to visit is the Buffalo Science Museum. This is a nice place to take the family on a rainny day or a day that it is too hot outside for you to enjoy anything else. Inside you will find many hands on activities for all ages and will find that it is very educational for the whole family. At certain times you will be able to see such things as the Dinosaur Exhibit and will learn about all the different types of dino's and what and where each one is about. You will find a place to have a picnic here so you will be able to pack a lunch for the family and enjoy your meal near a little pond. I highly recommend that you check this place out.

Another great location is a place called the Galleria Mall. This isn't an outlet mall but it is well worth the trip. Here you will find lots of places to shop and will find lots of different stores to shop in. You will find a Victoria Secrets and a Barnes and Noble Bookstore. You will find lots of different shops for each of you to shop in. You will find a place called Jack Astors. If you happen to have time you may want to check out this place as it has a great meal.Be sure to check it out if you have the time in between a movie and shopping.

This is about the best places that I can tell you as of this moment to check out. If I think of anything else I will add it later.

The Buffalo Zoo

One of the Entrances to The Buffalo Zoo.
One of the Entrances to The Buffalo Zoo.

Niagara Falls Ny

Wonderful View of the Falls.
Wonderful View of the Falls.

Smokin Joes Lewiston Ny

Gift section of the store
Gift section of the store

Buffalo's Surrounding Area's

There are plenty of places to see while in Buffalo New York. It is just a short drive to one of the seven wonders of the world from Buffalo Ny. In just a few minutes from Buffalo you will be able to see the famous Niagara Falls Ny and in just a few minutes you can be in Canada to see the falls from the Canadian Side. It is said to be much prettier from the Canadian Side than it is from the United States Side. From Canada you will be able to see the whole Bridal Falls and Horseshoe Falls.

Most of the time the people that visit Niagara Falls don't know that the city can control the amount of water that travels over the falls. If the need were to arrive they can control the water and turn it down to just a slow trickle that will flow over the falls. At one point you may want to take a ride on the Maid Of the Mist boat. This will allow you to get up close and personal with the falls. On this ride you will be taken on a trip right up to the front of the falls and will be soaked by the time you get off the boat. You are given special raincoats and gear to help with the massive amount of water. There is another area that most people find to be interesting and that would be the Cave Of The Winds. This is a cave that is found right up under the falls where you can go and be right behind a portion of the falls and actually look out at the falls. While you are inside the cave you must remain with your hands inside and not touch the water coming down the falls because of the massive amount of pressure coming from the water it is known that it can break bones because of the high levels of water being passed over the falls.

You will find a lot of places to visit while in either the United States Side or the Canadian Side. You Will find in Canada a place called Cliffton Hill and this is the main street that travels down to the falls. On this street you will find many many little stores that will have plenty of little items to purchase for your trip. You will find many different varieties of shot glasses and playing cards and other items such as TShirts and spoons. This is the best place to purchase items because American money is worth more in canada so you will essentially pay less for items.

While In Niagara Falls Ny you will find the Hard Rock Cafe. Everyone knows that this is a fabulous place to eat and enjoy a nice meal. With lots of music and lots of fun for the family. You will also find a cute little 60's theme restaurant to enjoy a meal also. There are lots of places to eat while in the city.

During your stay if you don't have children or you do have children and have family in the area you may want to check out the Seneca Niagara Casino. This is one of the first Casino's built by the Seneca Indians in the state of NY. This casino is hosts to lots of concerts and has a lot of perks for playing here. While you are sitting and playing games all your mixed drinks are on the house. You will find a massive buffet inside to enjoy a meal and even a hotel to catch a break in and enjoy the spa while taking a leasurely break. All the money that is played with in the seneca casino is helping out the seneca nation to give their native american's health insurance and to help with housing costs.

Another great place in the city of Niagara Falls is a mall called Prime Outlets. In prime outlets you will find many of the five star stores that you would find in any other mall but at much less costs to you. You will find such stores as Tommy Hilfiger and Motherhood Maternity. There is a store for everyone in the family.

Also you may want to check out the Indian Reservation just a short drive from the city. Here you will find a place called Smokin Joe's. Yes I know what you are thinking isn't there a brand of smokes called Smokin Joes. Yes there is and once inside you will find these cigerettes for sale. Inside the gigantic store you will find massive amounts of Native American Items for purchase and will find them to be cheap. You will also find a little museum that will explain to you the nature of the reservation and how it came to pass. It is quite a little experience that will make you enjoy the reservation a little bit more.

This is all that I can think of at the moment to see in Niagara falls. I hope this will be of help for you. I hope you will enjoy your stay and will visit many of these places.

Seneca Niagara Casino

Front of One entrance of the casino. Look at those colors.
Front of One entrance of the casino. Look at those colors.

Allegany State Park

Red House Lake Administration Building.
Red House Lake Administration Building.

Allegany State Park.

Not to far of a ride from Buffalo is a little town called Salamanca Ny. This is a city that is situated on the Seneca Nation of Indians Reservation. Right through the city you will find an entrance to a nice little state park called Allegany State Park. Here you will find many different variaties of animals. You will come across deer, ospreys (which is a cousin to the bald eagle) You will come across Racoons, and Bears. While visiting one time we were lucky enough to spot a momma bear and her baby walking across the road in the search for some food. I am from Ny and we lived just a few short minutes from the Allegany State Park and some nights during the summer to get out of the house we would just go for a ride. I would enjoy seeing the foxes and the owls. I enjoyed fishing and actually had caught my first Large Mouth Bass at the state park.

In the park you will find a large beach area where you are able to rent Kayaks and boats. You will find fishing docks and will also find lots of playgrounds for the children to play on. You will find plenty of pavillions to sit and enjoy a nice BBQ and also will find volleyball courts. Lots of restaurants to sit and eat a  meal at if you don't feel up to cooking. One time with just a couple of dollars in our pockets we would stop at the store in Salamanca and pick up some macoroni salad and a bag of chips and a drink and this would be our meal while we just sat and talked and enjoy each others company. What days those were...

Be sure to checkout the lookout ramps and take advantage of all the places to get a great view where you go. You will find a place called Thunder Rocks and here you will find gigantic rock formations that you will be able to climb if you know what you are doing and are able to improvise to get to the top. I used to enjoy climbing the rocks and we would go every chance we got. I would climb every rock even the ones that everyone would say you cant climb that rock cause there is no way to get to the top. Where there is a will there is a way I would tell them. Many summers were spent at those rocks. My step children love visiting Allegany State park and will still to this day go and camp out. It is just a fun time for the whole family.

Allegany State Park Thunder Rocks

One of the many rock formations at thunder rocks.
One of the many rock formations at thunder rocks.


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