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Bugaboo Creek Review

Updated on September 3, 2010

 Pulling up to what appears to be a quaint for it's size hunting lodge, you might initially envision peanut shells on the floor and various busts adorning otherwise bare walls.  Walking into a darkened formal entry, the first thing you notice is the copious amount of sturdily woven woodwork that stands not only for support of the spacious dining area but as part of the well planned artwork. There are separate areas for the bar and an elevated dining area surrounding the great room. The very next thing that catches your attention is the floor to ceiling double-sided functional rock fireplace that stands regal in it’s place of honor. After being seated by the warm, friendly staff, you get the chance to look over the abundant menu. After ordering, and before your food arrives, you have the time to start really looking around.

 There are conversation-worthy pieces of art everywhere. From the prints that make you look twice to see what you missed on the first glance to the animated talking animals, you would be very hard pressed to leave without a smile on your face. There is no warning, either, they just start moving or singing or talking or all of the above. That is part of the magic. As enjoyable of an experience as it is for adults, children find the place to be a fascinating world of mystifying intrigue. After all, where else would you be greeted by a historian in the form of a rather large animatronics moose bust but at Bugaboo Creek?  Not everything talks but everything has a story!  That is part of the fun, while you are discovering all the little hidden details, another magical event is occuring-unintentional, unforced bonding via sharing this moment with whomever you happen to be with.  It is especially great for families!

 Upon the timely arrival of the aromatic food, you are instantly struck by the very generous portions. Even the refreshing drinks come in a large cup with ample refills. Everything on the menu sounded good and everything that we ordered was good! It was so good that I could not stop raving about it to everyone I knew. If there was one dish that stood out above the rest, it would be their Snowbird Chicken. Absolutely tender with an indescribable flavor unrivaled by anything I have ever eaten. Not particularly sweet nor sour nor salty but somehow perfectly balanced to taste like I suppose snow would actually taste had I ever eaten more than a tongue-full of icy flakes. I would give you my husband’s raving review of the dish but he seems incapable of omitting the expletives in describing it’s power over his very particular taste buds. The restaurant chain has done a superb job of distinguishing themselves as having mastered the creation of the very definition of a full-sensory dining experience.

 The branch that we went to was in Brockton, Massachusetts and I should hope that every restaurant in the chain should provide the same level of five-star service that we received that day. In fact, I have made it mandatory that we shall not visit that area without having dined at Bugaboo Creek. The service was fantastic, the food was phenomenal, and the prices were quite reasonable, even for a family of seven!

400 Westgate Drive Brockton, MA 02301:
400 Westgate Dr, Brockton, MA 02301, USA

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