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Bunhayag Hidden Paradise

Updated on January 23, 2013
Bunhayag Hidden Paradise
Bunhayag Hidden Paradise

A wonderful view

Are you looking for a place for reflection? or just for vacation? Well I can suggest you go this place "Bunhayag Balay-Lingin" this found in one of the islands of Philippines. A very familiar Island, heard of the famous "Chocolate Hills". Yeah that's right the Island of Bohol. This is located at Bunhayag, Guindulman Bohol.

You can see at the picture is the view of the place, overlooking, you can see the sea, mountains, rain forest and the center town municipality. It is so relaxing with fresh air, cold breeze and most of all stress free.

Bunhayag Balay-Lingin
Bunhayag Balay-Lingin
Bunhayag Rooms
Bunhayag Rooms | Source

There a couple of features that this place have:

1. Rooms - they have air conditioned rooms for guest to check in, inside in the rooms are matrimonial bed, bathroom with shower, Free WiFi and a TV.

2. Resto Bar - the bar have videoke which is very popular in the Philippines, also if you think you want to play a piano well they also have it you can use it for free. A long with that they also serve drinks, gins, beers, soft-drinks, vodka, rhum, Mineral Waters and etc. You can also order food depending what is available in their menu, but sometimes they have specialty in the house.

Liquors  Drinks
Liquors Drinks | Source
Liquors  Drinks
Liquors Drinks | Source
Eggs Fresh from Poultry
Eggs Fresh from Poultry | Source

3. Nature Viewing - one of the best thing in this great hidden paradise is that the nature itself, there no much of construction made the whole part was preserved, did ask the owner what did they developed on this place? He just said that everything was just in place no much digging, instead cutting of trees they even plant more! All are natural, I guess upon seeing the whole place this answer my question, I have seen the beautiful flowers around animals which they take care and they even have farm animals. You are even allowed to visit the poultry section where you wish to get eggs for yourself and let them cook for you or just buy it and take it home, fresh from poultry.

Bunhayag Ground
Bunhayag Ground | Source
Flowers Around
Flowers Around
Stone Age Table Set
Stone Age Table Set

4. FREE WI-FI - did I mention that this place have free wi-fi? If you are the type of people who can't leave your business or work at home, well this place is right for you with the FREE Wi-Fi Access you are now able to check emails, accounts and even your social media accounts.

If you are planning to visit soon check on the map on how to get there, or will be having a party or any celebrations just leave a message to this profile, don't worry they also accepts reservations.

This is a great way to relief stress and enjoy the moments with your family, friends and relatives.

All I can say is that the place is so beautiful, a hidden paradise which is not yet unveiled to the world. I want to share this to you to experience the once in a lifetime moments. Discover new things and let the world know it and be the first to share.

Way to Bunhayag Hidden Paradise

A markerBunhayag Guindulman, Bohol Philippines -
Guindulman, Philippines
get directions


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    • black_mezziah profile image

      Light Ice 5 years ago from Cebu City

      Thanks, have you been to this Chocolate Island? Try this article maybe this is related to that.

    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 5 years ago from Peru, South America

      Wow, it sounds like a beautiful spot. I even like the name--the Chocolate Islands. Thank you!