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Bus From Pattaya To Bangkok

Updated on July 6, 2011

There is a regular Bus Service running from Pattaya to Bangkok. The buses run approximately every 40 minutes from 05.30 - 23.00 and the journey will take two and a half hours, give or take twenty minutes, depending on the traffic.

The Pattaya bus station is located at the top end of North Pattaya Road close to the Sukhumvit Highway. The bus station is easily reached by motorcycle taxi from Central Pattaya. As it is a bit of a way out expect to pay around 40-50 baht. Alternatively you could get there using two Sang Thaew. Changing at the dolphin roundabout at the end of Pattaya Second Road. It would then cost you only 20 Baht. The motorcycle is a better choice for speed and convenience.

The Entrance To Pattaya Bus Station

Pattaya Bus Station
Pattaya Bus Station

The Pattaya Bus station is a very efficient machine and if you know where you are going in Bangkok it is difficult to go wrong. Bangkok itself is a huge, and often slow moving, city so it is better to be wise before the event. The buses from Pattaya head towards the three major bus stations in Bangkok. These are Ekkamai (Eastern), Sai Tai Mai (Southern) and Mo Chit (Northern). On the Pattaya Bus Station there is a notice board showing two very clear maps (in English) which will allow you quickly to decide which Bangkok Bus Station you should head towards.

Decision made you will then go to the appropriately labelled ticket window and purchase your ticket for Bangkok. The cost of the ticket is approximately 120 Baht. This will not only have the bus number on it but your seat number also. Ticket in hand you move round to the waiting area and find yourself a place to sit in any one of the numerous blue seats. These all face a board which lists the bus numbers and expected time of departure.

Whilst waiting you could visit the clean toilets or buy a magazine or something to eat.

When you board the bus bear in mind that your seat number is on the back of your seat and not the number you see on the seat in front of you.

Notice Board To Help You Determine The Best Bus To Take

Hot Tip

Once you get into Bangkok the traffic will start to move very slowly. If you are headed towards the Ekkamai Bus Station get off at On Nut. This is handy for the BTS Sky Train as from there you will be able to get to many parts of Bangkok with relative ease.

Click HERE for an excellent guide to help you with Sky Train information.

            Best Tourist Maps For Pattaya and Bangkok

Pattaya Bus Booking Office

Pattaya Bus Booking Office
Pattaya Bus Booking Office

Electronically Updated Notice Board


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  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 7 years ago from South East Asia

    Thank You Hello, hello. I just thought it might be what I would want to know if I was first in Pattaya.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    Great information.