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Buying Land on Mars: Advertisement and Musings on Possible Snags

Updated on September 11, 2018
annart profile image

Ann likes to pass on information relating to her own life experiences, maybe quirky, especially for the benefit and/or interest of others

The Advert

One Acre of Land on Mars from (49% Off)

The Deal

• £10 for one acre of land on Mars (49% off)

Email Martian Land Package Includes:

• Mars Deed with Owner’s Name added

• Mars Map with location of land indicated

• NASA Report on Mars Exploration

• Space Exploration Infographic

• Journey to Mars Boarding Pass

• Cool Facts About Mars eBook

• Mars Photo eBook

Planet Mars

The Red Planet
The Red Planet | Source

Since when did Mars come up For Sale?

Which estate agent went to visit? Were they contacted by aliens? Have they visited?

This poses so many questions I need to look into before I proceed. Well, I wouldn’t want to be sold a dead duck, would I? There’s always the possibility that this is a con. Mars might be full already.

If it's For Sale, someone must own it already

Would this be the little green men we often see walking along the street, paddling in the sea, picnicking in the park? Maybe it’s the conscientious objectors who decided to stay at home instead of invading Earth in The War of the Worlds. On the other hand, it could be underground red insects who rule Mars and need some company.

Is there a ‘Who’s Who’ of Martians? The landed gentry would need to sell off a bit to put towards the upkeep of their castles and country mansions. Should be able to find that on the internet; I’ll let you know.

I wouldn’t mind a plot near the sea. I love deep red sunsets over water.

Michael Condron's Sculpture

Sculpture of Wellsian Tripod (Fighting Machine) in Woking, Surrey, England
Sculpture of Wellsian Tripod (Fighting Machine) in Woking, Surrey, England | Source

Who has taken it upon him/herself to sell this?

Can we ring up to ask any relevant questions, like ‘Is it well-kept?’, ‘Are the neighbours respectable?’ ‘Is it close to town?’ ‘Are you open to negotiation?’

The ad says it’s an email package. Wow! They have internet on Mars too? I bet it’s more advanced than ours. They should have gone way past giant killing machines by now. I presume they’ve finally answered one of those signals desperate scientists have been sending for decades. That’ll be why they think we need somewhere else to go, for inspiration and mental exercise.

There’s a NASA report. Who’s marked out the plots? Maybe it’s just one big plot. And we have a Boarding Pass, presumably to allow us to use it as a holiday home, after we’ve built on it of course. Do you have to apply for planning permission on Mars? To whom do you apply? The red insects aren’t likely to be sympathetic and the conscientious objectors would probably object, conscientiously.

There’s an eBook. Facts and Photos. Wow! I’m impressed. They must be on FaceBook then. I don’t know anyone who has a Martian as a friend yet but then they're not likely to let on, are they?

Bit greedy, don't you think?

It must have been over-priced if there is now 49% off. The land’s probably covered in rubble, needs a good overhaul or is next to some ugly high-rise building - or perhaps over a sink hole; that would be a bummer. There has to be something wrong with it, hasn’t there? Why else would it be reduced so much?

Personally, I think it’s rather greedy to ask for as much as £10. What are we getting? Is there a glossy leaflet with photographs showing us all the bumps and boundaries? Do we get to see the surroundings? Come to think of it, what’s the exchange rate with Mars? We should come off well I think but then their economy could be thriving.

Plot of Land?

Looks like there are trees; I fancy a plot next to some of those.
Looks like there are trees; I fancy a plot next to some of those. | Source

All Mod Cons?

What about utilities? I couldn’t live without my electric hob and gas cooker. They say there is water so does that mean they’ve piped it all? Is it on tap?

What about the weather? I thought Mars was a little stormy. Not keen on the wind myself and lightning scares me to hell and back. Maybe I’m being a wuss; pull yourself together Ann, where’s your sense of adventure?

Legal Premise

There has to be a solicitor who specialises in Martian Property. They’ll sell anything. With whom do we draw up a contract? Would we understand their language, their script, their philosophy? Do they even bother with paperwork? I could see them just shaking hands (or something!) whilst passing over a ceremonial thunderbolt.

As you stand there in the ashes the sound of distant laughter echoes in the fiery air.

Zeus and his Thunderbolt


What about Health Care?

Sorry, someone’s at the door. Looks like a man in a white coat, come to take me to the funny farm. Do they have those on Mars?


I did actually see this advert in a magazine, some time ago but left it in my list of ‘hubs to do’. I thought I’d try the website to see if you can still buy…. You can!! Try the site address above and you’ll find it! It’s gone up to £19.72. Why the 72p? I guess it’s a VAT thing. Will you buy?

In case you haven’t guessed, this ‘Package’ for an acre of land on Mars is a novelty present for those friends of yours who like that sort of thing.

It got me thinking though. Could this happen one day? When real estate fills up our wonderful world, will we have a need to fly off into the universe?

Who knows? Maybe the Martians do!

Facts About Mars


  • is the fourth planet from the Sun.
  • has two moons, Phobos and Deimos, both very small, being less than 30 km across, likely to have been asteroids that were captured by Mars.
  • rotates in 24 hours and 37 minutes about an axis tilted by 24° to its orbital plane.
  • although only 6794 km in diameter, is probably the most Earth-like of all the planets.
  • is easily seen in the night sky as a red star-like object moving across the sky with a period of just over two years. It appears as a small reddish disc with dark markings sometimes discernible on its surface.
  • has polar caps, one or other of which is visible at any one time; these polar caps grow in the Martian winters, with the addition of deposits of solid carbon dioxide, and decrease in the Martian summers to leave what is thought to be a small residue of ordinary water ice.
  • has an atmosphere whose pressure is less than one hundredth of the Earth's, composed mainly of carbon dioxide with a little nitrogen and argon. There is almost no oxygen.
  • has a small amount of water vapour which condenses in some places to give thin clouds and fog.
  • has impact craters like the Moon, mountains, rift valleys, ridges, hills, plains and extinct volcanoes. There are signs that water existed on the surface at some earlier stage of the planet.
  • has winds that can be very severe and are responsible for extensive weathering of the rocks on the surface. They can blow up enormous sandstorms that obscure the view of the planet's surface.
  • has a surface temperature which can rise to around 0°C in the summer but fall to near -100°C before sunrise.
  • could possibly have its atmosphere altered sufficiently in the future, to enable a permanent base to be set up there. For the present, though, Mars would present a very hostile environment for any human visitor!

Information on Zeus and the Thunderbolt

In Greek mythology, Cyclops gave Zeus a thunderbolt. Thence in Roman mythology, the thunderbolt is a weapon given to Jupiter by the Cyclops and is therefore one of the emblems of Jupiter, often depicted on Greek and Roman coins. Elsewhere it’s portrayed as an eagle holding in its claws a thunderbolt resembling a bundle of crossed sticks.

Want to Buy Land on a Distant Planet?

Would you buy this for a friend?

See results

Will we need to 'move' one day, to a different planet?

Do you think this could happen?

See results

© 2017 Ann Carr


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    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      8 months ago from SW England

      Thank you Frank. Glad you enjoyed this.


    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      8 months ago from Shelton

      Very good share Ann.. I was going to say they are selling Stars but someone in your comments beat me to it... I wonder how many people own the same star.. or I thin k it's name a star after you.. well anyways I was so involved in this mock? LOL thanks for sharing

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      12 months ago from SW England

      Now there's an idea, Jackie! I expect there might well be though I haven't seen any others.

      Thanks for visiting today; much appreciated.


    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      12 months ago from The Beautiful South

      You know I am surprised there are not sales for land on other planets for real, for I know many would buy it!

      Not me. lol

      Would be a nice place to send all the criminals though!

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      12 months ago from SW England

      Thank you Nithya! It's an interesting thought and I like your humour.

      Thank you very much for reading and for your response; much appreciated.


    • Vellur profile image

      Nithya Venkat 

      12 months ago from Dubai

      Buying land on Mars, wonder when that will happen. Maybe in the distant future when Earth gets overcrowded and we have to move on to other planets to survive. Wonder what the Martians will have to say to us earthlings! Now I am running away with my crazy thoughts!

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      13 months ago from SW England

      Thanks Diana. Yes I agree. Don't think I'd want to try it though! I appreciate you stopping by.


    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      13 months ago

      What a great share on mars! I tend to believe there will always be exploration and new discoveries but not sure about every settling in on this planet. The tripod sculpture is a great sci-fi piece of art!

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      15 months ago from SW England

      Exactly, Claire! Thanks for reading.


    • Claire-louise profile image

      Claire Raymond 

      15 months ago from UK

      So comical, some people sell the stars too, since when was the sky for sale? I didn't realise anyone owned it? lol

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      15 months ago from SW England

      Yes it's a novelty present for those who have everything - sad really but it did get me thinking! Thanks for popping by and commenting, Jo.


    • jo miller profile image

      Jo Miller 

      15 months ago from Tennessee

      I think the ad must have been tongue-in-cheek, just a prank. Ingenious though. Thanks for the smile.

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      15 months ago from SW England

      Thanks, Mike! Glad it made you smile.


    • mckbirdbks profile image


      15 months ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

      Hello Ann - It is a perfect morning for a wit induced smile. Thank you.

      Martian exchange rate - that's a good one

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      15 months ago from SW England

      Thanks, Linda! Yes, it got me thinking too.


    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      15 months ago from British Columbia, Canada

      This is a very amusing article, Ann! It does make one wonder if humans will eventually have to leave the Earth, though. We are't taking care of the planet very well.

    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      15 months ago from SW England

      Thanks Dora! I know it was supposed to be just a silly present idea but it sent me off on that crazy track as to the possibility of things like that - I wouldn't be at all surprised, the way things are going these days.

      Thanks for the visit. Great to see you as always, Dora.


    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      15 months ago from SW England

      I'm glad it was relaxing, Eric. I felt like that whilst writing it, as I let my mind just wander through the possibilities.

      Thanks for popping in for a read and a chat. Always appreciated.


    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      15 months ago from SW England

      Thanks so much, bill. You've given me a boost.

      What is Tupelo? Never heard of it but I guess I'd better go and look it up!

      My Tuesday was great and I've been grandchildren-sitting since - home now to peace and (relative) quiet.

      Hope your Thursday's thriving!

      Ann :)

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      15 months ago from The Caribbean

      Your questions are mine exactly. Who's got the title to the land they're selling? From whom did they buy or inherit it? Would they be interested in selling the entire planet? Raises serious questions though about the need to buy Martian land. You wrote a very interesting article.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      15 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I think it would be fun to get this for somebody. I gave a few stars one year and folks liked it.

      Very funny and it kind of just let my mind wonder to the what ifs. Quite relaxing.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      15 months ago from Olympia, WA

      I was howling when I read the title of the article. You didn't disappoint but then, you never do. It's good to see you writing again, my friend, and we can add comedy to your many writing talents. :)

      Have a Tupelo Tuesday!


    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      15 months ago from SW England

      Well said, Stella! We do make a mess of things don't we?

      Thanks for you valuable input. Good to see you.


    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      15 months ago from SW England

      I'm sure it would be exorbitant, Jackie! Like the trips to outer space. Maybe one day we shall have to but I hope not.

      Good to see you and thanks for your support.


    • annart profile imageAUTHOR

      Ann Carr 

      15 months ago from SW England

      Thanks Flourish! Yes, it never ceases to amaze me how some people fall for these things. Quirky, yes, but very silly! Glad you had some fun. I appreciate your support.


    • Stella Kaye profile image

      Stella Kaye 

      15 months ago from UK

      Good to read a light-hearted fun filled-article. I for one won't be going; Mars is the same as the moon- absolutely no atmosphere!

      Seriously though, humans have already messed up their own planet which was about as perfect as could be before they took control of it, so why do they want to recreate the same scenario elsewhere? Their time would be better spent if they could utilise their scientific abilities to put their own house in order first - although I fear it's already too late.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      15 months ago from The Beautiful South

      I am sure if time lasts it will one day be a reality to go to another planet. I am sure you will have to pay big at that time whether you have purchased land there or not! ha ha

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      15 months ago from USA

      This was fun. Buying land on Mars is up there with pet rocks and other crazy things. We've fallen for lots of things. Someone will buy. I'm sure.


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