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CALAGUAS ISLAND: A Paradise in Bicol Region Soon to be Lost

Updated on May 14, 2013

Moonlight at Calaguas

A Paradise in Camarines Norte

It was supposed to be an eight-hour trip from Manila to Vinzons, Camarines Norte which we used as entry point to Calaguas island. But it took us twelve hours to reach the fish port and almost three-hour boat ride before we finally reached our destination. It was seven pm already when we set foot on the pure white sand of Mahabang Buhangin. The place was so dark! The place was devoid of hotel accommodations and we could only see glitters from gas lamps of campers as the place have no electricity. We were so tired that night, setting-up tents and preparing dinner, that we never had the chance to spend at least a couple of minutes by the shore of this sanctuary.

Good Morning, Bicol! Good Morning, Calaguas!

Day break. We got up early, prepared breakfast for our kids, headed toward the beach. And behold! we were amazed at the beautiful scenery that awaits us.


Pure White Sand

A Place You Would Want to Stay For Long

Perfect Shoots with Family



A Jump Shot...

...and Another Jumpshot...

Simple Living. No Pollution as Well.

A Tree That is so Rare. Looks Like Pineapple, But Not As You Stare.

A Nearby Forest We Forgot to Explore

We May Never Have The Chance to See This Place Once More

So We Took a Stroll Along the Shore

One Last Pose

Then Bid Calaguas Goodbye....

Dusk is Near. Will this paradise in Bicol Region be lost soon once developers from Boracay start construction?


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    • moonfairy profile image

      moonfairy 4 years ago

      beautiful pictures and I especially love the pineapple tree...I wish I could have one in my yard!!!