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Cabin Rental Vacation

Updated on January 14, 2012
Gatlinburg Luxury Cabin
Gatlinburg Luxury Cabin | Source

While beaches and coastline destinations are the most common summer vacation spots, they lack the privacy of a more secluded location. While a vacation on the shore may appear to be the ideal getaway, the high volume of traffic those floods these areas every year do not allow for much privacy. Regardless of if you are vacationing with your friends, family, or looking for a remote place to spend time with your romantic partner, renting a cabin in the mountains offers the privacy and seclusion no other location can.

Rentals in the mountains are frequently called cabins, though these mountain cabins are similar to cottages on the coast. Mainly, the difference between them lies in their location, and perhaps the name. Mountain cabin rentals are available throughout the United States and are so popular because they offer a fun, safe, private, and secluded romantic getaway spot.

Although the majority of cabin rentals are secluded, most are located within a convenient driving or walking distance from very popular natural locations. These include scenic biking and hiking trails, streams, lakes, ponds, and rivers. Depending on the cabin's location, a variety of popular attractions may be available.


Since mountain cabin rentals are very common, choosing a location to visit will mean looking at many areas of the U.S. Most rentals are also located in very popular mountain areas near New York, the Rockies, N. Carolina, Idaho, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming. Thoroughly investigate each of these locations for cabin availability, pricing and nearby attractions before choosing a particular area you wish to visit.

Once you have decided on an area to visit that has mountain cabin rentals available, you must find a particular cabin to stay in. Many cabins are grouped together in a small area. These cabins are frequently all very similar to one another, but even if this is the case, it is wise to inspect each cabin carefully before making a decision. These examinations can be performed through the mail or online.

When undergoing cabin examinations, it is crucial that you read all descriptions completely and ask for pictures. Having photographs of the cabin you will be staying in will help you shop for the best cabin you can, which will greatly affect the quality of your vacation. As for extended cabin rentals, which can be rather expensive, a picture can say a thousand words about the finer details of the cabin you are getting.

Since many people who rent cabins for their vacations appreciate the lack of technology, many kitchen and bathroom areas are located outdoors. This is perfect for those who love grilling outside, but many who are used to indoor luxuries consider outdoor facilities to be a nuisance.

Along with considering what your specific cabin will offer, it is also prudent to investigate the surrounding area. Look to see if there are gas stations, convenience stores, and Laundromats. If you choose to stay in a cabin that is not near these things, it is important you pack extra provisions to compensate.

Though popular rental cabins in the mountains can be a bit pricey, there are more secluded and less frequently travelled locations that can be a very attractive prospect for buyers on a budget. Such popular locations include the Adirondacks, Jacksonhole, and Blue Ridge Mountain ranges. These are normally popular and expensive places to go, so low-budget vacationers should either avoid them or look online for a specially priced package deal.

Although these discounts are frequently available for rental cabins, they are often difficult to find. Most discount packages for vacationing come from beach resorts. If no reduced price vacation packages can be found, last minute price reductions are a good way to save some money. These are unpredictable at best, and it isn't wise to plan the finances of a vacation around the expectation of getting a late price drop.

Regardless of where you choose to make your mountain cabin vacation or its price, you can be certain you will find a secluded, intimate, and memorable getaway spot. Why get stuck in an overcrowded beach somewhere, when you can enjoy your vacation in solitude.

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