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Calaguas Island Beach in Bicol, Philippines with the Biyahe Lokal Team

Updated on June 13, 2012

Calaguas Island in Bicol

You know that scene in The Beach where Etienne front-flipped and landed on his back when he saw the secret beach for the first time? That's exactly how I felt when we docked in Mahabang Buhangin beach in the Calaguas group of islands only I don't know how to do a front-flip.

But don't let the stunning clear water and fine white sand fool you because going and staying there is not all about fun and leisure. It requires a lot of hard work and research. This is where the Biyahe Lokal team steps in. Their services will assure that you have everything you need like food, lodging, transportation and even entertainment and activities for a fun-filled and hassle-free beach trip. And that's exactly what I got during my 3-day stay in one of the most beautiful group of islands I've seen in my life.

I've been to a lot of beaches here in the Philippines but this one will surely be one of the most breathtaking and memorable. It's no surprise that Calaguas was recently featured in GMA news as one of the top destinations for your vacation beach trip with family or friends this summer.

The group I was with during my stay in Calaguas Island
The group I was with during my stay in Calaguas Island
You can find Biyahe Lokal on Faceboook
You can find Biyahe Lokal on Faceboook

The Biyahe Lokal Team

I remember my first time in Quezon several years ago, I was with the members of Biyahe Lokal team as well. And what better way for me to spend my first time in Bicol than to experience it with them again. They're really a group with a passion for travel and the great outdoors.

Aside from the prepared food of their resident chef (I highly recommend the deep fried chicken with secret sauce!), the Biyahe Lokal team also scouts for the local fishermen and markets to serve fresh seafood from the sea. I am quite a sucker for seafood especially when it's fresh. I got to try some grilled isdang bato and squid/octopus cooked in coconut milk.

Part of their team is also a registered nurse who's ready for any sort of first-aid needed in case of emergencies or accidents. Also, blogger of Biyaherong Barat will be taking care of your photography needs so that you'll be able to preserve the memories of your trip. This is perfect because you can just swim and have fun without having to think of bringing around your camera.

They offer trips to different beaches aside from Calaguas islands. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for any new deals and packages!

Video of Our Trip to Calaguas Island in Bicol

The Great Outdoors in Calaguas Beaches in Bicol

Aside from the excruciating trip of almost 10 hours by land from Manila (although you get to see a lot of great scenery on the way), there's also the 2 hour boat ride going to the beach itself from the port. Traveling to the island by boat is so picturesque. It's really so breathtaking. The islands you'll see on the way reminded me so much of Lost (one of my ultimate favorite TV shows).

When you get there, there really isn't much development. No comfy hotels or amenities. Me and my friends slept in tents for the whole 3-day stay. A lot of it, really, is all about being outside of your comfort zone. And I guess that's what the outdoors is all about. It's not all about fun and relaxation. And being outside of your comfort zone really pushed me and reminded me so much of how I appreciate the little things. Most of us have been so sheltered by contemporary society that we've forgotten to reconnect with nature. This is really what's so fulfilling and satisfying about the trip.

Don't even expect to get signal for your cellphone for texting or 3G needs. About a kilometer back is a small town where there's a small spot for signal for Smart and an island away we were able to get signal for Globe. Be sure you have no prior appointments or calls needed to be answered when you plan your trip to Calaguas Islands in Bicol.

Looking for signal in a neighboring island
Looking for signal in a neighboring island

Calguas Island with Biyahe Lokal

I actually just came from Quezon with Biyaherong Barat, one of the Biyahe Lokal boys, maybe I'll blog about that soon.

If you're looking for a great adventure with some friends and you have no time for all the planning, take a hassle-free trip with Biyahe Lokal today. You can easily find them on Facebook to check for their newest deals and packages.

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