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Caldea Thermal Spa - Marvel the Best European Spa Experience

Updated on October 25, 2016
An overview of the the Caldea Thermal Spa, Andorra la Vella, Andorra which is one of the best travel destinations in Europe.
An overview of the the Caldea Thermal Spa, Andorra la Vella, Andorra which is one of the best travel destinations in Europe. | Source

A trip to Andora will not be complete without visiting the best European spa at Caldea. Caldea is the home of the largest world renowned Caldea Thermal Spa, particularly located in the mountainous region of Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra.

The Caldea Thermal Spa is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe because of its exceptional health spa services and state of the art architecture. The place is fully equipped with a large thermal spa, sauna, Jacuzzis, outside lagoons, and an Aztecan pool where everyone can truly relax and rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. The health spa is very huge and all of its facilities are very modern which is why it is also considered as the hidden paradise and the queen of all mountain centers in Europe.

State-of-the-art architecture of Caldea Thermal Spa
State-of-the-art architecture of Caldea Thermal Spa | Source

History of Caldea Thermal Spa

The extraordinary European spa and leisure center of Caldea was the largest of its kind to be built in Europe. It became operational in 1994 and most of its first visitors where North American tourists. Throughout the years, the amazing wonders of its natural thermal waters have spread widely, capturing the interest of many people around the world. As days go by, the Caldea Thermal Spa became one of the best travel destinations in Europe. The spring water which flows from Escaldes-Engordany Mountains is rich in minerals like sculpture, sodium and unguents offering the best European spa experience to all visitors. It has a temperature of 68º C making it a perfect remedy for anybody who yearns for pure bliss and relaxation.

A markerEscaldes-Engordany, Andorra -
Les Escaldes, Andorra
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Escaldes-Engordany is one of the parishes of Andorra where Caldea Thermal Spa is located.

Caldea Thermal Spa is one of the Top 10 Most Relaxing Health Spas in the World


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Features of Caldea Thermal Spa

The Caldea Thermal Spa is one of the best place to travel in Europe and escape from the hustle bustle of the city. When you reach the place, take your first steps to the Spa Leisure Area. This is the main section of the place, which allows you to experience spring water in a variety of exciting ways. Aside from the alluring lagoons, Jacuzzis and saunas, you can also enjoy different themed baths to their fullest. You can choose from a Sirocco bath, Icelandic bath or Indo-Roman bath. The fun and relaxation does not end during day because when night starts to fall, the indoor lagoon is converted into a stage for the Mondaigua – a sound, light, and colors show which everyone is ought to see.

The Wellness Area is another beautiful spot inside the Caldea Thermal Spa. This section gives you specialized treatments and well-organized modular programs that can last up to five days. Among the few things you should try are the hot baths, water beds, outdoor Jacuzzis, and the solarium. The Wellness Area is complete with modern amenities needed to make your European spa experience one of a kind.

Handy Tip

The winter season, although it is the best time to visit the place, is regrettably the busiest time for Caldea. To ensure utmost comfort for guests, the European spa management has imposed a cut off number for admission. Booking a ticket in advance is a wise choice before coming to this wonderful travel destination in Europe. Caldea Thermal spa prohibits admittance of children younger than five years of age for safety reasons. Although its thermal waters do not guarantee medicinal benefits, the facility as a whole offers the best venue to relax and enjoy certain aspects in life with its extraordinary European spa experience.


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    • Mary Cimeni profile image

      Mary Cimeni 4 years ago from Philippines

      Oh I'd agree. I'd bet my left arm to live in the place for a year. lol just kidding..

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA

      This looks like a very relaxing place to visit. I must admit -- haha -- that I didn't even know there was a country named Andora. (I know, I know.) I'm sure you had an amazing time there. Wow does it look incredible.