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California Poppies - the Perfect Representation of California

Updated on July 31, 2009


California is a state in the USA that has weathered so many years of unpleasant phenomena, specifically, the wildfires. Despite this, California does not lose hope and continues to get up no matter how extensive the damages of the citizens’ properties. In the face of destruction, there is a flower that still grows in destroyed places - the California poppy. This is a striking flower that comes in vibrant yellow and orange hues. In California, it can be found everywhere like in the gardens, the open fields, and by the side of the highways. The people who pass by places where the California poppy freely grows enjoy immensely the beauty of this flower. You can see them blossom from February to September. California epitomizes great hope and strength that never waver in times of adversity.

California Poppy

The California poppy is a dashing flower that opens up when the sun rises, and closes as night approaches. The California continues to battle life with optimism every after disaster just as how the California poppy grows expectantly in the lands that suffer destruction. Seeing how a California poppy greatly resembles California in this aspect, it is the best choice as its state flower. It is not difficult to grow California Poppies. These flowers continue to blossom in temperatures as high as 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also plant these in much colder places and during autumn. These can even survive and thrive in arid soil with hardly any or no water at all.

You are able to see these flowers bloom all over the state. It is incapable of compromising the growth of other flowers when planted together with other species of flowers. With the complementing colorful hues of the petals and green leaves, you will surely fall in love with these flowers.


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