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Calling All Airline Pilots

Updated on January 2, 2011

We Appreciate Your Hard Work

To You and Your Crew We Appreciate What You Do

I want to take this special time to say to all of you airline pilots and crew that I know that I am not the only one who appreciates what you do. I have always felt special the few times that I have flown. I remember flying on my way to Kentucky. We had changed in Atlanta and our original flight did not fly. We were full with a few kids and the flight attendant was having a somewhat frustrating time. Through it all she tried to maintain her cool. I understood her frustration. If you are like me you just want to get on your flight, relax and/or sleep and get to your destination without incident. You are looking forward to meeting friends and family, going on vacation, getting to your business and so fourth. So you too are just as concerned about security. There are many pilots and crew that speak out about how the FAA and the general flying public does not appreciate them. You complain about how the FAA sometimes does not appear to be resonable in its rules and regulations. One captain complained about how the FAA asks that your seatblet be unfastened during a smooth flight and a warning be put up when turbulance is expected. The captain said what he did not understand was that you could run into turbulance at any time during a flight yet you are told you can unbuckle and the attendants are allowed to serve you. However when you are on the ground after landing and are taxiiing at 10 miles per hour you are told to keep your belts buckled until the aircraft comes to a stop. Attendants complain that the passengers can be rude by being impolite to each other by doing such things as slamming their seats back and doing personal things under blankets and also leaving bags sticking out of the overhead compartments so that she or he could come along and stow them for them. I also agree that passengers holding their baby is unsafe. Pilots complain over being overworked at least 16 hours without a break and even asked to fly in unsafe conditions such as carrying limited extra fuel which could be needed in case you run into problems such as thunderstorms. They also complain about being put up in hotels in bad neighborhoods between flight assignments. No people should not be asking you who won the football game as if you have a TV in the cockpit nor shoud they complain to you about what they dissaproove of when your sallary is being compromised fo give them a cheeper fair. The problem is coming together. I understand that you need your jobs and you complain undercover to people such as "Readers Digest" and "CNN" and the like but we have something in common here. We want safe and secure conditions, we want to know that regional and commutter pilots are trained just as well as the big major airline pilots. The problem is you have got to come together on this. I for one, don't want to ride a long way to get to where Im going and am all to puckered out when I get there or lose some of my vacation time taking three days to get somewhere by land. I know the business person needs to get to where they are going as well. The general flying public needs to be more respectfull of pilots and their crews and pilots need a strong union who is not greedy but will work in the common interests of its workers, the public and cities and airport boards that help to support much needed and expected airline travel. In other words we all need each other.You as workers including machanics and other support personnell, need backing from your local city administrators, bords, legislatures, the federal government meaning the House and the Senate and also the FAA to work very closely to secure your safety, wellbeing, and your livelyhood as well. It is a waste for Washington and the FAA to set up these drastic security measures that invade personal privacy and dignity if you're not looking at the whole picture. Let's face it. Things are bound to go wrong because we cannot catch everything but a good percentage of things that do, will, and have happened, could be avoided by addressing all of these very important issues and taking a stand to serve the public of which you are sworn to serve. If everyone cared about looking after the flying public as they do Air Force One we'd be much safer. If we were just as concerned about corruption, indifference, greediness, and selfishness within our working infastructure as we were about people who want to commit acts of terrorism and crimes to interfere with our normal way of living indeed the flying public as well as our country would be safer. I can't speak for everyone in this article but I hear you and I hope others will read this and let you know that they hear you also. There is nothing more special to me than flying and the spirit of flying appeals to many of us. Thank you for all you do. So after you have secured the cabbin, read us the once over and the flight deck has gone through its checklist, been given your next in line numer and cleared for take off, and we have reached our cruising altitude, I want to thank you for that cup of coffee and making me feel special.

Thank You For your Hard Work. (not intended to favor any particuler airline)


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