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Cambridge, England

Updated on December 12, 2012

One of the oldest and the richest university in the world Cambridge is situated in England. This university is more than just a simple institution, it shows all the world respect and fame of those who are studying there giving them endless opportunities in their future carriers.

Cambridge is a name which is recognized all over the world not only as a university but as a great touristic city. Visited by thousands of visitors annually it stands in the top famous places of England as an incredible place to visit.

The university itself was founded in 1209, right after the Oxford University. Both of these universities are highly qualified and equally famous. Nevertheless, Cambridge history is more romantic. The first stones of the city were founded by those students who didn’t want to obey the rules and regulations of Oxford. As you probably guessed, the founders of the city were those who studied in Oxford University before but due to the high level of regulations and strict rules that they had to obey in the university. These rebels made something people dream about their entire lives, they founded a great scientific place to study which welcomed light brains from all over the world.

Present Cambridge is very little different from the one that use to be nearly 6 centuries ago. Being the wealthiest place to study in the world it presents a scholarships so there will be a chance to everybody who is smart enough not wealthy enough. In the year 2000 Bill Gates was the one to donate 210 $millions for Cambridge scholarship, giving a free place to study to hundreds of students.

The town is not only a wonderful place to educate one but is also an interesting spot for the visitors. Great architecture, enormous libraries and energetic lifestyle of students make it a wonderful youth place that inspires us to study more.

All in all the population of the town is about 120 000 people with 21 000 students. Among most popular spots are Cambridge Library and King’s college. Those who are travelling can stay Cambridge hostels, which are surrely the most budegt way of accomadation in the city.


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