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Campgrounds Near Universal Studios Hollywood

Updated on September 14, 2010

Campgrounds in California

 A trip to Universal Studios Hollywood is a unique experience. Universal Studios Hollywood is a genuine movie studio combined with it's own action adventure theme park. Take a tour around the studios and find out the information behind many movies that have been filmed there. Experience one of the many rides like taking a ride through Jurassic Park before watching the shows on offer. The selection of shows include The Blues Brothers and Universal's Animal Actors. Universal Studios Hollywood have several RV parks and Campsites close-by, for visitors to enjoy.

Universal Studios Hollywood began in 1909 as International Moving Pictures (IMP), founded by Carl Laemmle. By 1915 Carl Laemmle had organised the purchase of the Taylor Ranch, which became the 230 acre Universal City and the first movie "Damon and Pythius" was created during 1914. The official opening of Universal City was held on March 15th 1915, the admission fee was 25 cents and visitors could purchase a chicken lunch box for a nickel.

The Universal Studios Hollywood opens it's gates to visitors at various times throughout the year. Sometimes the gates open at 9am or they can open at 10am, closing times are just as changeable. Visit the Universal Studios Calender below to find the variation of opening times. There is no free parking at the Studios and parking fees can range between 7 dollars to 20 dollars a day, depending on the vehicle type and size. Universal Studios is less than an hour from Disneyland, if driving from within Hollywood turn right on Universal Studios Boulevard from 101 Hollywood Freeway North and follow the signs.

Universal Studios Hollywood does not have it's own camping site. The closest campsites to Universal are situated in surrounding towns and cities outside Hollywood. Some RV and Trailer parks offer visitors camping options as well as an option to rent a mobile home. The Valley Village Mobile Home Park is located at 8250 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA, 91605, telephone number 818-767-2983 and is approximately 7 miles from Universal Studios. The Vicabob Trailer Village is located at 7560 Woodman Place, Van Nuys, CA, 91405, telephone number 818-785-6266 and is approximately 9 miles away and the Birmingham RV Park can be found at 7740 Balboa Blvd., Van Nuys, CA, 91406, telephone number 818-785-0949, approximately 11 miles from Universal Studios Adventure Park.

The benefits of camping near Universal Studios Hollywood are that it is value for money, at lower prices. Hollywood hotels can be expensive because Hollywood is such a popular tourist and celebrity destination. Campsites usually provide fun activities for guests and there is no surprise as to who slept in the bed before arrival.

Prior to arriving at any campsite near Universal Studios Hollywood, it is important to enquire about the available facilities that the campsite provides for it's visitors. Campsites may have public toilets, while others do not. Some campsites may provide a generator for visitor power usage and others may not.


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