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Camping Gear Checklist

Updated on May 19, 2010

Let's face it, you don't want to be caught without your makeup or without your undies, right? When planning a family camping trip, you should always have a camping gear checklist handy. If not, make one for yourself. You can stuff your list in the bag for next year's camping trip. This will help you stay organized and save valuable time. We all know how it is when your running around the house at the last minute, with 5 of your friends and family waiting for you in the car.

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Shelter and Safety

Don't forget things like your tent, poles, ropes, covers, or any type of shelter against bad weather. Bring as many nails as possible in case your tent decides to topple over. Stakes, dust pans, ground tarps, etc. should be brought. First aid kit, big and small since you always need one when traveling or hiking. Lanterns, compass, whistle, binoculars, and credit cards.

Bed Materials and Hygiene

Foam Mattress, Air mattress, sleeping bags, covers, blankets, air pump for your air mattress. A special cover for the mattress if needed. Pillows and also a storage bag for easy clean up or pack up. Soap, tissues, hair conditioner, shampoo, quarters for the bathroom, and toilet paper. Tooth brush and feminine or masculine products.


Pots and pans. Matches, stove fuel, barbeque unless the camp has one, and thermos. Dutch oven, buckets of water in case of a fire, paper towels, plastic garbage bags, food containers, potato peeler, ladles, tongs, napkins, dish pans, plastic plates, plastic spoons. Your camping gear checklist should have everything that won't go bad in the wild to eat.


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