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Canada and New England 2017

Updated on August 26, 2017

July 26, 2017

We flew Air Canada direct from Houston to Montreal. Air Canada had not sold out of First Class tickets an offered them at a discount, so we upgraded.

Here are some pictures from the plane.

The St. Lawrence Seaway from the air. Who was St. Lawrence anyway?

Our hotel in Montreal was beautiful and we highly recommend it.

The hotel is in the central business district.
The hotel is in the central business district.

Ceiling art in lobby of hotel.

Harbor view from our room

View from the concierge lounge on 35th floor

The lounge also gave us free breakfast and heavy hor'dourves for dinner.
The lounge also gave us free breakfast and heavy hor'dourves for dinner.

July 27, 2017

We decided to take our own walking tour of Montreal in the morning and then a bike tour in the afternoon.

Just out the front door was the Jaguar E-Car Racing Team, who stayed at our hotel. Montreal was hosting an electric car race this weekend.

Their cars were just outside our front door.
Their cars were just outside our front door.

Which way to go?

This is the statue outside of Notre Dame Cathedral.

We were in Montreal four years ago at this statue.
We were in Montreal four years ago at this statue.

Here is a closer view of a French pioneer man with his Cocker Spaniel.

Notre Dame Cathedral itself.

This view is opposite (180 degrees) from the statue.
This view is opposite (180 degrees) from the statue.

Bacillica de Notre Dame

Basillica de Notre Dame

A Houston's restaurant in Montreal.

Houston's Menu

Tommy has a cafe. Tommy is Cheryl's brother.

Nice place Tommy!

Carriage rides were available.

Plazas abound.

View from the dedicate bike trail; the train which runs parallel to the harbor. Note Jay pedaling along!

Bike path along the harbor

Rock climbing in the amusement park.

Amusement park near harbor.

Strange looking apartments across the river.

View of Montreal style architecture, field stone and exterior stairs.

Afternoon Bike Tour

After our morning combo walk/bike of three hours, we were scheduled to take a four hour bike tour.

These were very good bikes. Mine actually had disc brakes.

Our guide with typical Montreal buildings and staircases.

There were plenty of pretty parks.

View of building.

Bagel stop on the bike tour near Mont Royal! Montreal style bagels - In contrast to the New York-style bagel, the Montreal bagel is smaller, thinner, sweeter an

There were gold hanging balls in the gay area.

Clock tower near the port

Pizza before the bike tour. It was good.

We returned to the port, turned in our bikes and then walked back to the hotel, cleaned up and had their free hor'dourves.

July 28, 2017 we set out on foot again.

We had walked and ridden and now it was time to walk and explore again.

Just inland from our hotel is the statue to Lord Stratcono, a British loyalist. Update statues to war heroes renouncing war, violence and promoting civil rights

Montreal grows herbs in the CBD and provides a sitting area with Adirondack chairs.

Looking toward McGill University from our sitting area.

The Baha'i Shrine was closed

Jay split off for a while looking for a Baha'i shrine at 1548 des Pins Ave West. After about an hour of walking I came upon it. I knocked both on the 1548 address and the address next door as directed in their sign. After a few minutes I knocked again and someone answered saying, "We are closed." I said I had come from Houston and just wanted to meet the people. She repeated they were closed and to go down the street to the information center at 177 Ave des Pins East. She gave me some brochures and sent me away.

I went about a mile east on Ave des Pins and found the Information center. It was closed so I returned to the hotel to continue walking with Cheryl. Yes, I did contact the Baha' i before the trip, but got no directions from them.

Christ Church Cathedral

Side view of Christ Church Cathedral

Inside Christ Church Cathedral.

Here are some stained glass windows of CCC.

More windows of CCC.

Heading back to the Mont Royal area for dinner, we took the metro stop to the Rue de Mount Royal stop. It has a farmers market.

We found a restaurant where we could bring our own wine.

Dinner, we liked it.

After dinner stroll

After dinner stroll on Rue de Mont Royal.

YMHA not YMCA on Rue de Mont Royal

Our hotel, street view.

Another view inside our hotel.

July 29, 2017

We checked out of the hotel (it was a great hotel) and walked to the harbor. We got there about 11:30 and decided to have lunch since our board time was 1:00 p.m. We ordered a local beer and an entree and waited and waited and waited. We never did get served so we paid for the beer and left. Our order had been lost. Apparently the servers place the orders one on top of each other, leaving the oldest on the bottom. When they are busy, the first order never gets filled.

Cafe where we never got served lunch.

Skyline view from the port

Our ship, The Veendam

View from Veendam

View of the port from The Veendam.

On board display of our location in real time

Theater where meetings were held and the shows performed

Light art

View from sports deck awaiting departure.

July 30, 2017 Quebec City

We settled in, had dinner on the Lido deck, explored the ship and went to bed. The ship disembarked for Quebec City.

We arrived in Quebec City and decided to "go left" and see what we could see. The Citadel is "to the left" so we went to see it. The Citadel is located on high ground known as, The Plains of Abraham.

It is a very long walk and Cheryl stopped, but Jay continued.

The funicular (cog train) up to the promenade.

The way to the Citadel in Quebec City

We were headed to the Plains of Abraham.

British General Wolf defeated French General Montcalm by taking the cannon on the Plains of Abraham and turning the cannon toward the Citadel. Montcalm surrendered. Do not have plains around your fort!
British General Wolf defeated French General Montcalm by taking the cannon on the Plains of Abraham and turning the cannon toward the Citadel. Montcalm surrendered. Do not have plains around your fort!

View from the Plains of Abraham.

Entry to the parade ground

Soldiers gathered before the changing of the guard.

This is what the changing of the guard looks like.

Here is another view of changing of the guard.

The Veendam from the promenade to the Citadel.

Chalmers-Wesley United Church of Canada. The United Church of Canada was founded in 1925 as a merger of four Protestant denominations: the Methodist Church, Can

We stopped in for the service. This church is near the Citadel.
We stopped in for the service. This church is near the Citadel.

Methodists have big organs

Another view of roof and window

We stayed for tea in their basement.
We stayed for tea in their basement.

Lunch at a nice little French restaurant

This is a view of the restaurant interior... good food, we recommend it.

We ate so fast we forgot to take pictures.
We ate so fast we forgot to take pictures.

Exterior view of restaurant

Singer on the promenade, she was good!

The Veendam from the promenade.

The fancy hotel on the promenade

Interior of fancy Hotel Fontenac with stairway from promenade to harbor level

This is the staircase inside hotel which leads to harbor level.

Inuit Art.

Art sculpture, either you get it or you don't.

Here is a Rolls Royce on the move near the harbor.

Here is an art sign for bike shop where the wheels rotate with the wind.

A tour boat in the harbor

July 31, 2017 Sea Day

We returned to the ship, had a great meal and collapsed in our bed. We were to have a day at sea tomorrow.

Beluga whales!
Beluga whales!

Bow waves on Sea Day

We drank two bottles of wine on this trip. We decided we preferred Pinot Noir over Merlot.

The show on Sea Day was great, but no photography. You just have to go on the cruise to see it.

August 1, 2017 Charlottetown

After a restful day at sea, we pulled into the port of Charlottetown. We decided to "walk left" again.

Charlottetown has a beautiful harbor with twin spires in background.

Note what temperature they consider, "Warm."

Street scene

Street scene

Street scene

St. Paul's Anglican Church

St. Paul's interior was built by shipwrights.

Then to the Presbyterians across the street.

Presbyterians also have big organs.

Trinity United Church

Street scene of a carriage ride.

Catholic Basilica

The Great George Hotel

Back to the Veendam

A piper and a guardsman came from Halifax to play a tune and gab.

The guardsman

The piper, piping on stage

The guardsman gabbing

The port town of Sydney

We left Charlottetown and headed on to Sydney which houses the regiment.

The port of Sydney and its famous violin

St. Patrick's interior

looking down from the gallery

Back of St. Patrick's

one of the many graves

Street scene

There was a cat in a window doing what cats do.

Cossit House entrance

living room

The docent in study said the people did not bath in winter due to the cold.

Preachers were prominent in politics back in the day... even now.


Sick room

A real garden gnome!

They kept a garden of medicinal plants.

Nice house.

Saint George's Church

Exterior view of Saint George's Church

Saint George slayed the dragon.

Interior view

Saint George has a small organ.

The exterior of Saint George's Parish Hall


Back on board we attended a cooking class.

Fancy demonstration kitchen.

Sam at work

August 3, 2017 we sail to Halifax.

We sailed from Sydney to Halifax overnight. It should be pointed out, even though it is obvious, there was much good food on board. We did not take pictures of the dishes this trip because cruising is synonymous with good food.

WWI memorial, the war to end all wars. When will we learn not to fight at all?

Update war memorials urging people not to fight at all.
Update war memorials urging people not to fight at all.

Samuel Cunnard came from Germantown and started a steamship line and got rich. He was on the forefront of steam propulsion for ships.

Below is a sculpture representing the emigrants to Canada.

The Emigrant

If you fight in battles, you generally get killed or suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Update war memorials urging people not to fight at all.
Update war memorials urging people not to fight at all.

Lighthouse on an island in Halifax harbor.

Saint Mary's Church

Naive of Saint Mary's

Saint Matthew's is one of the United churches. There were so few Protestants they united.

Saint Matthew's exterior

Rose window

Rose window close up


Another view of Saint Matthew's exterior.

Arch in front of cemetary

Weather vane on commercial building.

Entrance to Chinatown

Manufacturing and cutting of crystals here. They are also for sale.

The craftsman is cutting crystal.

View of the furnace for manufacture of the crystal.

Kyakers in the harbor. That water is cold!

The kyakers went toward the lighthouse on the island.

The set for the last show.

August 4, 2017

We left Halifax and headed to Bar Harbor. We planned a bike ride along the country roads.

Sea day to Bar Harbor

We had to use tenders to go ashore at Bar Harbor.

Condos on the harbor

We are all ready for our bike ride.

The beaver pond. What does beaver taste like, the other white meat?

We had to abandon the ride because of the dust from fresh gravel. The gravel dust was very heavy and caused respiratory issues. Of the 12 mile loop, we biked ab

Street scene in Bar Harbor

Street scene in Bar Harbor

Deli where we ate lunch. We shared sandwichs (a lobster roll, of course, as well as a tuna sandwich.) Both were very good. We recommend it.

Flower garden

There is a big fancy hotel through the trees.

A portion of the big fancy hotel.

Another view of the big fancy hotel.

Sculpture across the street

Old four masted schooner docked right outside of big fancy hotel.

Garden and gazebo on the walk back to the dock

Our tender back to the Veendam

A fog rolled in that evening, the winds arose and the temperature dropped.

Arrival in Boston and flight home

We sailed onward through the fog and we loved it. The cold, bracing air on the Promenade deck allowed us to walk off another truly fine meal. We arrived in Boston and was whisked away by bus to the airport. We almost got bumped and got $500 each, but no such luck. Homeward bound.


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    • Jay C OBrien profile imageAUTHOR

      Jay C OBrien 

      15 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      Thanks again.

    • Rhyme Vine Poetry profile image


      15 months ago from Uninhabited Regions

      Your photos are beautiful! I am glad I found you, again. I opened up a new account on HP with new writings. Missed seeing you!

      Tamara xxx

    • Jay C OBrien profile imageAUTHOR

      Jay C OBrien 

      16 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      Thank you Tamara and Louise. We have been to Montreal twice and have loved it both times.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      16 months ago from Norfolk, England

      Montreal looks a beautiful place Jay. And your photographs are lovely. It sounds like you did a lot while you were there and had a good time. I'm tempted to visit there now! =)

    • profile image

      Tamara Moore 

      16 months ago


      Your photos are amazing! Lovely photos of yourself, too, my friend!

      I enjoyed your article very much as I have not been to any of these places, and now I feel as if I just have!

      The best place ever is home; as you said, "Homebound". What a lovely word. I am deeply sorry for the catastrophes that have hit many places, though :-(

      Thank you for your article and amazing pictures!




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