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Canoe Meadows- Wildlife Sanctuary, Pittsfield MA

Updated on February 27, 2015
Dandelion filled meadow.
Dandelion filled meadow.

Hidden in the middle of the bustling city of Pittsfield MA, you’ll find the wildlife sanctuary of Canoe Meadows. Part of the Mass Audubon Society, its 253 acres of wilderness has roughly 3 miles of walking trails along two main loops, the Sacred Way Trail and the Wolf Pine Trail.

Sacred Way Trail

You’ll find the Sacred Way trail on your right as you enter Canoe Meadows. It takes you over a small bridge where the path splits. An approximately 30 minute walk, this trail does a circular loop, so one way is the entrance and the other direction is its exit. This path takes you along the Housatonic River and past the beaver dams at Sackett Brook. There are a few benches along the way allowing for a pause to take in the peaceful surroundings. This trail is susceptible to flooding due to the beaver dams, so there are boardwalks along the West Pond end of the trail.

Pond at Canoe Meadows wildlife sanctuary.
Pond at Canoe Meadows wildlife sanctuary.

Wolf Pine Trail

Along the Carriage Road that is the entrance to Canoe Meadows, you’ll find the Wolf Pine Trail on your left. A slightly longer trek then the Sacred Way trail, this approximately 50 minute walk takes you through a hardwood forest past some massive trees. The tree pictured below seemed to be made up of at least 8 separate trees, all thriving together as one gigantic being. This trail pops you back out on the Carriage Road where, on your way back, you should make the short detour to the wildlife observation building which will be on your left. A boardwalk gets you to the entrance of the building which appears to be dangling out over the pond. This is an optimal viewing spot for the birds and water creatures who call this sanctuary their home.

The big tree along Wolf Pine Trail.
The big tree along Wolf Pine Trail.

Open daily from 7am to dusk, there is usually plenty of parking at Canoe Meadows unless there is a program or event going on. It is free to enter the sanctuary but donations are accepted and appreciated.

This tucked away piece of nature’s beauty is something to admire. A refreshing break from the city outside, Canoe Meadows allows a quick pop into the wilderness where peacefulness and tranquility abounds.

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