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Cape Cod Braces for a Horde of Obamas

Updated on June 29, 2015

Your Guide to the Cape & Islands

Drawing by Dave Granlund - make sure your paper has his cartoons!

Like several hundred thousand other Americans, President OBama is coming to Cape Cod for vacation again this Summer. It's a huge boost for our tourist economy and I don't mind telling you we need it this summer more than usual.

We have been doing pretty well with the Shark frenzy in Chatham.

It's the 'Reverse Jaws Effect'. The guy that made that film thought that sharks would scare off people. They don't!

I heard that the Cape Cod Chamber is trying to sneak a few extras in, if the stock gets too low.

But poor beach weather in summer always hurts. We've almost had more rain than Noah so far this season.

A family pays 3500 bucks a week for a shack by the sea and then it rains three straight days. And the rug rats are gnawing the hardwood floor for want of something to do.

Nobody's happy about this except the Manager of the 'Dennis Eight' cinemas who's got such a queue, that he could sell rooftop seats if he only had a couple umbrellas. .

The Presidential Motorcade 2013

Cartoons by Dave Granlund of Massachusetts. His work has been syndicated in over 700 publications

Nice...but $3500 a week so the rugrats have a floor to gnaw on???

No Shortage of Cape Cod Crabs!


Original "This Land" Painting - Note the Cape Cod Lighthouse in the upper right hand corner. JJ may be correct

I don't mind that the Obamas are coming.

If I see them, I will say, “How you guys doin'?” and I will smile and say “nice ta see yah.”

But my pal John Jerome Worthington! He hates it.

“What's that guy coming here for Bee? Why do all those politicians have to come here. O'Bama's here. Clinton was here before him and some other White House guy before him, was also here. Why do they come?”

“Take a breath JJ. He comes here for the golf and the beach. You know we have the best golfing and beaching here in the entire United States.”

“Well that's true, except maybe for a couple beaches in Florida and one or two in California.”

“What about the beaches in Hawaii.” I query.

JJ thumbs his nose at me and throws out a couple expletives deleted.

“ Hawaii has some of the best sand and surf in the world, ” I remind him.

“Yes, but those beaches are in Hawaii. We're talking about the United States here Bee. The U.S. The great 48!”

“Hawaii is a state too John.”

“I didn't vote for it. I don't accept it. And you know now that I think of it, the whole thing might be Woody Guthrie's fault.”

“What did Woody have to do with this?”

“The song Bee. The tune. The damn song. Don't be obtuse pal.

The 'This Land is Your Land” thing. You know the words.

"This land is your land, this land is my land.

From California to the Cape Cod Islands.”

“New York Island, JJ. It's from California to the New York Island.”

“Don't be ridiculous Bee. The Greenwich Village people changed that lyric cause they couldn't stand the Massachusetts folk singers like Jim Kweskin and Tom Rush. It's Cape Cod Islands."

Local Boy. President John F. Kennedy

Hey JJ. What about Camelot?

“Okay have it your way. But getting back to O'Bama do you dislike him because you did not vote for him?”

“That has nothing to do with it Bee. I never VOTE FOR ANYBODY. I ALWAYS VOTE AGAINST SOMEBODY! You might think that I am prejudiced. Well it's just not so. I HATE EVERYONE EQUALLY..”

“Well JJ. What about President John F. Kennedy?”

“Salt of the earth Bee. The man was a great leader, a true genius in the oval office and a fine upstanding young man.”

“Well the way I heard it JJ; is that him and all his brothers used to give you guys on the Hyannis police force fits. Drunkenness, dance hall women, and even funny cigarettes were said to be par for the course for the Kennedy parties.”

“Well, when I was deputy chief, there were a few issues but we got it all straightened out Bee. You are just a Washashore, you wouldn't understand.”

“Right JJ. I've only been here 20 years. I realize that I am not qualified to call myself a 'Cape Codder', but is it true that you guys were each paid $500.00 a week by Rose Kennedy just to drive the boys home if they got drunk and got into an accident? And then did you throw away the paperwork?”

“No. I never threw out any paperwork.

Too risky. I burned it. Just kiddin'.

I like you Bee. Washashore or not, I like the cut of your jib. So I will admit that we did give the Kennedy boys a little extra leeway. But you gotta remember. The Kennedy boys were nothing like those Bush people, or Clinton people, or O'Bama people. Keep that in mind Bee."

“Okay JJ. But what made them so special and different from the rest?”

“It's simple Bee. They just didn't blast in here for two weeks of gallivanting. They were here all Summer long. They gave money to the town. If the boys at the station needed anything. The Kennedys were the first to jump in to help.

“So that's the bottom line.”

“Yup Bee. That's it. The bottom line is...They were Cape Codders.”


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    • Billrrrr profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Russo 

      4 years ago from Cape Cod

      I think you are on to something!!!! Thanks for the comment.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      4 years ago

      Let's face it, his timing is awful. The nation and the world are falling apart and he' s vacationing! Having said that, his visit may be the first good thing he did for the economy! Up and awesome!


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