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A Trip to Cape of Good Hope

Updated on October 17, 2013

A traveler's Guide to Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope is in the southwestern most part of the African continent. It is a headland, on the Atlantic coast of Cape Peninsula in South Africa. It was discovered by a Portuguese navigator in 1486. He wanted to link, Africa with India for trade. His name was Bartolomes Dias. The first water route from Europe to Asia was opened in the 15th century.

Cape of Good Hope is famous for its stormy weather. The seas here are rather rough. In spite of this, it has a diverse habitat of beaches and mountains. It is the sixth floral kingdom even though it is the smallest. To its east lies Cape Madear and if you go farther east, you will come to Cape Point. This point is famous, and it has a light house. Summers over here are fierce. Due to this, animal life is very limited, but wild flowers and birds are in abundance. A natural reserve was established here in 1939.

Cape Point is on the Southeast, Cape Town to the North, and to the north end of the peninsula is Table Bay. All along you will find sandstone rocks. The southernmost part has wild rugged scenery. Cape Point is very scenic. It runs in a north-south direction for about 30 km. Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope are well-known Capes in South Africa. To view the surrounding, a viewing platform is built around the base of the lighthouse. One reaches here, taking a short flight of steps.

Cape Point has primarily vegetation of Peninsula Sandstone Fynbos. This point has one of the Global Atmosphere Watch research stations. Cape Town is densely populated. It is the legislative capital of the country. It is famous for the Table Mountain and Cape Point.

Visiting Cape of Good Hope

Table Mountain is a big time tourist attraction. It is a mountain, which has a flat-table land and it overlooks the city town. It is famous for its harbor. It has a cableway. The lower station is at 991 ft. on Tafelberg Road and the upper station lies on the westernmost part of the plateau at 3,501 ft. As the tourist reach up, they get views of Table Band and Robben Island.

Table Mountain National Park has some rare fynbos vegetation. It runs through Signal Hill in the North and terminates at Cape Point. Cape Florist Region has diverse flora that is rare and endemic. Some parts of the park have indigenous Afro-temperate forest. Cape Floral Kingdom is a botanic anomaly lying in the heart of the Park. Urban developing and farming are destroying the areas around the park. There is a concentration of threatened species in the Table Mountain Range.

Once you reach the Table Top, you will see three walking paths, Dassie Walk, Agama Walk and Klipspringer Walk. You capture the flora, fauna, rocks, and all you see around. You will also find a Table Mountain Café on the top.

Boulder Beach has granite boulders. It is a tourist attraction because it is here one finds a colony of penguins. You could go to Foxy Beach also. Whether you drive, hike or take the cable car, your eyes will get the treat, by the sheer beauty of the view of Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head. Table Mountain is an icon in South Africa.

In and Around Cape of Good Hope

As the tourist reach the top of the hill, they are awestruck by the stunning views. You ask yourself, which side to look first, the Ocean, Sea Point, Table Mountain, or Robben Island. On this hill you will find select areas for viewing the sunset, or to go up to Lion’s Head for a 360 degree view of something you have never seen before. An area leads you to an outstanding view of Bantry Bay. On a full moon night just watch with glued eyes the rise of the silvery moon.

The traveler has a beautiful experience in Cape of Good Hope. Cape Town down on mother earth, Table Mountain standing majestically high, the vast stretches of the ocean, the sunrise in the East, and an orange hue spreading around at sunset.

There is yet a thrilling experience left. Table Mountain ski provides the tourist with a wonderful downhill skiing. There are nine runs, two magic carpet lifts, chalet a quad chair lift and a T-bar lift. Around this park the tourist will find a terrain park, a tubing park and of course all gears needed for skiing on rental. At the base of the area is a lodge. It is well equipped to let its traveler have a relaxing time after a hard day on the slopes. It opens only in winter.

Shopping on your list is still left. So, go off to Alfred Mall, or craft shops selling African handicrafts. Canal Walk too has a mall. It is both conventional and polished. Also, go to Greenmarket Square. It is an old Victorian building.

Travel to Cape of Good Hope

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Map of Cape of Good Hope

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