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Car Hire Spain - What they don't tell you

Updated on October 2, 2009

The ultimate way to discover spain is to hire a car,you'll be able to explore many unknown but interesting places. With a little planning, driving a hired car in Spain can be very simple. This hire is in fact the most realistic option for you, yet not the least expensive. 

Here are some valuable advice on DO's and don'ts of car hire in Spain. 

1. Reliable Car Hire 

Be aware of the lack of scam car rental companies that will give you an unreliable car at a ridiculously low price, with many hidden costs, etc.. Avoid these places, and reserve a car with a reliable car hire provider. 

2. Hired Cars taxes 

Depending on where in Spain you hire the car, you may be charged additional costs. Airport taxes, value added tax in Europe is expensive, so it is always wise to check your dealer if the offered car rental price includ taxes, as some dealers offer you an exptionally low price quotes, just to discover that they  do not include the tax.

3. Mileage 

Some suppliers of car hire (Malaga Spain) offer unlimited mileage, while others just a offer few miles and charge the rest. Select a service that suites your travel plans. 

4. Car Rental Reservations Save Money 

After searching the Internet and carefully comparing the total different offers of car rental companies. As a rule of the thumb, you can use these parameters for comparison, the nature of the offered car, rates for rental, mileage, pickup and delivery of rental cars in Spain, fuel costs, insurance, etc. While there are a few companies making quotes, all inclusive of insurance coverage, most companies charge an added insurance amount. Sometimes banks offer a form of insurance to use their services in other countries, check with your bank if auto insurance is one of them. 

Car Hire in Spain - is it that practical?

Renting a car in Spain will never be the cheapest option, but it would be best. The base rent will cost more than bus or train, and on top of what you pay for tolls and gas. 

as mentioned earlier in this page, hiring a car will make you able to visit some of the most difficult to reach areas, such as the Alpujarras, Rias Baixas (west of Santiago de Compostela) or region of Cadiz and Tarifa investigated. 

But if you can stick to 1 major city in Spain, car hire is a bad idea. First, parking in major cities in Spain, is a nightmare. A journey that normally takes 15 minutes by car takes twice as often as they can find parking, as well as traffic jams.

Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao, all have a metero systems and one is currently under construction in Seville. other small Cities that do not have underground systems, are small that you won't need a car.


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