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Car Rental: Your Quick Guide To Ensure A Safe Journey

Updated on April 21, 2015

Drive For Your Safety

Time would probably come when you need to rent a car. There are many scenarios that you might need to rent a car. You might be in a business travel and bringing your own car might be not a practical thing to do. However, you don’t want to experience that hassle of commuting from one place to another. Perhaps, the best thing you can do is to rent a car in your destination.

But before you hop in the rented car and drive away, there are certain things you need to take in consideration. It is important to know the ins and outs of renting a car to avoid any unfortunate events and to drive your way to safety.

Here are some car rental tips to remember to ensure safe and pleasant journey.

Where Are You Going To Drive And What Is Your Purpose

Your safety starts from the time you rent a car. The car you are going to choose matters. Choose a car that is commonly seen on the local places and what is available in the local market. Renting a luxury is alright when you are going to large city like Los Angeles or New York but in other cities, renting a flashy car will make you stand out even if there is no need to and it could draw unnecessary attention which could make you and your car a target of professional criminals in the local place. Likewise, choose a car that is fit for its purpose. You can rent a luxury car for various services like weddings, hen’s night and other special events but if you are going to use a car for a not-so-special or ordinary days, it is better to choose low profile car in order not to catch the attentions of those cold-hearted mobsters.

Check For Security Remote Access

As someone who travels a lot from one place to another, you might want to consider a car that has universal locks and power windows. These features will give you a better control to your car. Perhaps, this is one of the most important safety features that a car must have. Through these you will never have to fumble with your car keys anymore during urgent or emergency situations. Manual locks and windows can sometimes make you vulnerable in certain situations. When you choose a car, check for remote access first before signing any agreement. There are rental cars out there that still use manual locks so specify to the car rental company that you want a car with remote access, power locks and windows. If in case that the company doesn’t have car classes with these features, look for another company. Car classes vary from one company to another.

Check If Air Conditioning Is Working

Driving in open windows could make you vulnerable to thieves that are known to snatch car in open windows. When the car’s air conditioning is functioning well, you will be able to drive safely in open windows. Car thieves are experts in snatching things inside the car with open windows even if the car is in motion. For sure, you don’t want to risk your safety and become vulnerable because of open windows which could be a target of crooks. This situation usually happens when you are not familiar with the place you are in so exercise caution. It is better to drive your car in the middle lane where it could be difficult for criminals to snatch things from your car and always be aware of the surroundings.

Always Wear Seat Belts and Keep Doors Locked

Wearing seat belt is a must not only for your safety but to avoid getting a traffic ticket. And with the same reason in keeping your windows closed, keeping your doors locked at all times can prevent you from being victims of criminals. Stopping at a light is the opportunity for thieves and other criminal minds to enter your car and take advantage of your vulnerability. Your best chance to avoid this situation is to keep your doors locked at all times.

Know The Insurance Coverage and Other Rental Coverage

Take time to review insurance policies and other rental coverage. This is oftentimes neglected by car renters thinking that they will have no use of it but when the unfortunate happens, insurance policies and other coverage could be of great use. Although, it does not prevent accident and other misfortune but it does prevent further damage like covering the cost of damage in the accident. Before signing any rental agreement, check if the insurance includes collision and other comprehensive coverage. You can negotiate the insurance and rental coverage to the agency if you think there are some things not included on it and to get the most of what you have paid for.

Familiarize Yourself With The Car Features and other Safety Equipment

Before driving your rented car, familiarize yourself with its features including safety, entertainment and other technical features. Check if the tires are well inflated and if the odometer goes over 25,000 miles is means that the car is used up and you might want to consider other younger car class. Likewise, look for well inflated spare tires or ask for those if the car doesn’t have one. Inspect fluid levels and car lights. Adjust mirrors and seat to be comfortable and if you want to listen to music turn on radio or stereo before driving. Put in mind to visually check everything before driving off. Furthermore, more it would be better if you take the car for quick drive to observe its condition. If you notice something is not right, it’s better to find another well-conditioned class.

Familiarize Yourself With The Location and The Rules

Before you drive off, you have to familiarize the place first. Make sure to bring map or directions or use GPS. If you know a friend or someone in that certain place, it is better to ask for assistance while you are in the place. Ask him or her for specific traffic rules of the place, you can also ask for his contact number in case emergency happens especially if you are having road trouble.

Safety = Enjoyment

Consider these safety tips on renting a car and surely you will have an enjoyable journey. Safety is the fundamental part in having an exciting travel. Follow these tips and you will drive yourself away from trouble.


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