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Cheap Car Hire Porto, Car Rental, Scooters Rental, Algarve Car Rent Portugal

Updated on July 29, 2017

Cheap car rentals in Portugal scooter rentals, and cheap car hire in and around Porto ( Oporto ) Portugal.

A massive selection of off road 4x4 rental Porto or cheap Algarve car rental for mountain trips or extreme sports activities.

Economical runarounds for main towns and cities or perhaps a flash convertible rental Porto for honeymoons or special occasions.

Or for family fun 8 seater rental Porto allows family vacations to go with a swing. Hire cars from Avis, Hertz, Easycar hire and others may present unforeseen problems

WARNING: Choose your cheap car rental Porto carefully

Some cheap Porto car rental companies can deliberately hide extra charges within their contracts.

Some will charge the unwitting driver damage fees for damage that was already there.

New UK and European laws only allow hire cars to be booked prior to leaving the UK.

Insurance Information

All cheap Porto car rentals come with full comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance. If involved in an accident, whether it was your own fault or the fault of the other driver, you will lose your deposit.

You can lose your deposit even if there is only a small scratch in the paint work or there is a hub cap missing.

They will hold your deposit until a repair has been done, then will return the difference within a few weeks, or simply put a charge on your credit card, without you knowing.

Some Porto car rental companies may not return any of the deposit and may instead send a bill for a superficial outstanding amount due to non-existent repair work.

Before taking a vehicle from a Portugal car renal company, ensure you walk around the car with a representative from the car hire company. Ensure you check everything.

Look for missing hub caps, damaged mud guards or even small scratches in the paint work. This will only take ten to fifteen minutes, but could save you a fortune.

Look around the inside of the vehicle for cigarette burns in the upholstery as well as stains on the seats.

Check the radio, cigarette lighter, and AC units all work ( Please note some car rental companies do not permit smoking in their vehicles )

If you smoke they may charge you for a full valet service.

Extras for Children and Disabilities

Many family friendly Porto car rental companies offer extras for tourists to enable them to enjoy their stay in Portugal. Bolster seats and additional child safety measures should be available at a small extra cost or for free.

Wheelchair access rental vehicles are available through the main car hire companies such as Hertz and Avis as well as other global car rental companies.

Car Rental Legalities

The car rental representative should also indicate to the tourist the legalities which are required whilst driving in Portugal.

Check the Trunk:- Portuguese law requires a minimum of two emergency fluorescent triangles in case of a breakdown.

There should be one fluorescent jacket for each seat in the car. If there is not and you are stopped by the police, you will be fined for each jacket that is missing.

Then on returning the car to the car rental company, they may say that the jackets were there before you left and charge you for replacements.

There should also be a set of light bulbs in the car in case a bulb blows. Again, if there is not you will be fined by the police.

Check all this before signing the documentation saying that you have checked the vehicle.

Legal Paperwork

Documents such as passports, insurance details and driving license ( both plastic and paper if applicable ) should be carried at all times. As of 2016, the paper part is no longer required.

Without these you may be subject to having the car impounded until they can be produced. This will also result in a fine and the fees ( over 180 euros ) for retrieving the car. Your insurance does not cover this.

It is always advisable to carry some money or a debit / credit card. If you are stopped for speeding or other small infringements of the law, you may receive an on the spot fine. If you cannot pay it there and then, the police may escort you to a bank machine to withdraw the money.

If you cannot do this immediately, your rental car may be impounded, and again you will pay to retrieve it.

Warnings for the traveller

In all countries, the basic common rules apply, do not leave things in site in your car, bandits will smash the window just for a packet of cigarettes or some loose change. Never take out lots of money from your pocket in public.

Take a photocopy of your passports, medical cards, driving license before leaving home, this will help in the event of you losing the originals.

You are sometimes colour coded by beach bandits, colors are white, red and brown, this is the color of your skin during a vacation. I

f you are white, you have just arrived, have lots of money and are an easy target, if you are red, not so much money, a bit bandit savvy, but still worth a try, if you are brown, you are probably nearly going home so don't have much money left, go for an easier target.

Bandits on beaches work in teams, they know you will put your car keys, wallets and stuff under your towel, in a shoe or mixed in with clothes.

Be warned, you are being watched. Be careful. If you have a private pool, still lock your doors and hide the car keys, shut the windows which you cannot see from the pool, there is a trick with a pole which can lift your car keys and then your car is gone withing seconds.

This country is beautiful, there are only a few who spoil it for the rest of us. Be careful.


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