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Caravans in Spain, Buying A Second Hand or Used Caravan For Sale

Updated on December 14, 2015

Caravans in Spain

Caravans are a home away from home, especially when moving or travelling abroad. In Spain, there are many thousands of used caravans for sale at very low prices, some can be picked up for what is considered to be peanuts, even Cessna caravans.

Some used caravans have only been used very little, as they were initially bought as a temporary housing solution whilst their own homes were being built, but as many building projects ceased as a result of heavier than expected financial outlay, would be residents of Spain re-uprooted and went home, selling their caravans for what ever they could get for them.

Caravans have many uses which some people have never thought of, as well as being a perfect travelling companion, saving hundreds or even thousands of euros on hotels or hostels.

Thousands of used Caravans for sale
Thousands of used Caravans for sale

Buying a Used Caravan in Spain

When buying a used caravan in Spain, like in any other country in the world, you need to be aware of certain conditions that apply to the law.

In Spain, your caravan is classed as a trailer, and will need to have an ITV ( MOT)

You are not allowed to park a caravan on a road or in a public car park, although if you leave it hitched to the car, you can park in on a road for a few hours, depending on the police on duty that day.

A price guide for 2/3 bed, used caravan in Spain is about 250 euros to 750 euros, depending on age and condition. There are thousands to choose from in many places, if going to a dealer is no problem, you may be able to get a bargain and ask for a specific style and size.

Trying the local press online for a private seller is another option, but with a dealer you will usually get a warranty. One of the main differences for buying a caravan in Spain is that you can really barter with the seller, and get a very good price, do not be shy, they need to sell their caravans, barter day and night if need be.

Bought for 50 euros
Bought for 50 euros

Caravan Renovation

This is the best way to earn some money from real estate of sorts. Many hundreds of caravans are bought and sold monthly, but once a caravan is really old and tatty, it is usually then seen being blown up on the television.

I was given a caravan, for nothing, the couple were returning to the UK and did not need it any more, so they gave it to me free. It was old, tatty, and outdated, but it worked.The electrics worked, gas oven and sink were all in working order. It needed a lick of paint, some minor filling work, a very good clean, new curtains to help bring it into the 21st century and a carpet.

It cost me 137 euros to make it nice, it is a 3 bed used caravan, and I have been offered 550 euros for it, before I do the work. So there is money to be made in renovating old caravans, if you get the right caravan at the right price, not all caravans are for free.

The caravan in the picture, I bought one virtually the same for 50 euros three years ago, but gave it to a homeless family before I could do it up, it is actually a collectors caravan, allegedly, and worth a lot more than what I paid.

Cheap Comfortable Housing
Cheap Comfortable Housing

Static Caravans in Spain

There are many Static Caravan Parks in Spain, where you can either rent or buy a caravan. Buying a 40 foot used static caravan, is a cheap alternative accommodation, for starting a new life abroad, until you are certain that this is the country that you want to live in.

The caravan parks will sell you a used caravan no problem, but they will have added on a percentage for themselves. The best way to go about it is to use the internet, find these caravan parks that will sell you a caravan, and either offer them a price which you feel is reasonable, which should be about four fifths of the asking price.

Alternatively, go and see the caravan park, there will be many similar caravans there with for sale signs in the window from private sellers who will sell it to you cheaper, then you can bargain with them and get it at a better price. Then if you wanted to, renovate it, and put it back on the market whilst you are living in it, if you sell, you could make a profit and start again with another, or you could rent it out long term.


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