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Caribbean Travel: Choosing the best time of year for a Caribbean vacation

Updated on January 17, 2012
Pigeon Point, Tobago
Pigeon Point, Tobago | Source

While there are several factors that influence when you take your Caribbean vacation, the timing must be an overriding factor in that decision.

For the discerning traveller, choosing the best period for travel would help to maximize enjoyment of the vacation as well as minimize inherent travel risk.

The most important factors influencing the best time for you to travel to the Caribbean include purpose, weather, cost, event-scheduling and demand for travel.


With so many activities available among the different countries in the region, your vacation purpose is one of the most important determinants of the optimal period for travel.

Event-seekers, eco-tourists or those who just want a simple, quiet break would have different ideal travel periods based exclusively on the purpose.

If your purpose is to experience a tropical storm or hurricane (for all storm chasers out there), you are advised to hop over to the Eastern Caribbean between July and December.

Travel in the dry season gives you the opportunity to experience warm Caribbean weather.
Travel in the dry season gives you the opportunity to experience warm Caribbean weather.
Travel in the hurricane season is only recommended if you are a storm chaser.
Travel in the hurricane season is only recommended if you are a storm chaser.


Weather is an important consideration in choosing the best months for Caribbean travel.

This is because of the dreaded rainy season – also known as the hurricane season.

The problem is that the majority of islands reside in the hurricane belt.

Indeed, adverse Caribbean weather conditions can also affect travel to and from countries that are not within the hurricane belt as well.

Unsurprisingly, the off-peak period coincides with the rainy season.

At best, you’d witness remarkable levels of precipitation. The southernmost Caribbean islands – the Dutch Antilles and Trinidad and Tobago – are not in the paths of hurricanes.

However, T&T is affected by tropical storms in the rainy season and weather systems caused by hurricanes further up the island chain.

It is best to avoid travel to the Caribbean between July and November, leaving the period between mid-December and mid-June as the period that your ideal time should be within.

Trinidad's Carnival celebrations are easily the biggest in the Caribbean.
Trinidad's Carnival celebrations are easily the biggest in the Caribbean. | Source


There’s much more to do in the West Indies that just enjoy sun, sea and sand. In addition to the natural attractions, you can have fun under the sun – or even the stars with myriad events throughout the year.

Apart from the Carnivals (particularly in the southern Caribbean), there are jazz festivals and other events that are time-specific.

Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, for example, is held in February or March. The more popular Caribbean carnivals (Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados) are held between February and August.

In-between, the smaller countries like St. Kitts and Nevis and Grenada host their events. Jazz festivals incorporate foreign music legends and popular local acts. If you want to experience the Caribbean sound and culture at its best, then the best time to travel is when the fun is.

Airline prices are one of many travel costs that are higher in the peak period.
Airline prices are one of many travel costs that are higher in the peak period.

Travel demand

While some tourists don’t mind the hustle and crowds of peak-season travel, others prefer to avoid the possibility of seeing Uncle Joe and Aunt Freda.

The peak period for Caribbean travel is between December and April – the warmest and driest in the region and also the coldest in North America and Europe.

Increased demand leads to increased travel traffic, higher costs and limited accommodation.

While there are idyllic spots in different parts of the Caribbean throughout the year, travel during the peak period is more complicated, since it requires advanced planning. Unfortunately, travel during the quieter off-peak period has several disadvantages.


Linked to demand for travel is cost. You can easily pay a few hundred dollars more for the same vacation package depending on the time of your trip.

Between mid-December to mid-April, the costs of travel to the Caribbean is significantly higher – particularly if you’re going for a popular event that’s attracting hordes of tourists (Carnival for instance).

At least some travel agents offer discounts during the peak period – although costs remain significantly lower in the off-peak period.


Given the weather considerations, the best months for Caribbean travel are between January and June.

This is especially good if you’re seeking as escape from the cold North. For those who want a quieter vacation that’s easier to plan, the peak season may not be ideal.

However, because you want to avoid the rainy season, the general ideal period resides at the intersection of the peak and off-peak seasons – that is, between mid-April and mid-June. During this period, there are reduced costs and travel deals may still be available.

Outside of weather considerations, your ideal time would be based on your preferences, budget and purpose. As such, your ‘sweet spot’ should be based on how all the aforementioned considerations intersect.


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  • SpiffyD profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from The Caribbean

    Oh yes, the Bahamas straddles the Temperate and Tropical zones, so that's not surprising. Just a few degrees further south would get you a few degrees higher :). Thanks for the comment!

  • janices7 profile image

    Janice S 

    6 years ago

    Great tips! We went to the Bahamas in January and while it was a great vacation, we did have some cold weather which meant no swimming in the pool. Of course, the hot tubs were great. We wished we would have gone a bit further south.


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