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Caribbean Vacation

Updated on December 1, 2014
STAG is the beer of Trinidad &Tobago. "STAG, a man's beer!"
STAG is the beer of Trinidad &Tobago. "STAG, a man's beer!" | Source
This photo needs no introduction.
This photo needs no introduction. | Source

Vacation Checklist

I am particularly partial to Trinidad and Tobago (because that's where I'm from LOL), but I have been to a few other Islands in the Caribbean as well. Places like Barbados, Martinique, and St. Thomas. They each offer their own unique vacation experience, but before you can experience these places and all they have to offer, there are a few things that MUST be done, and a few pointers that should be followed, in order to have a wonderful and safe vacation. Here is my checklist. Follow it.

1. Do your research: Find out about the local infrastructure, and what can and cannot be done legally in that place. (Trinidad does not allow the export of Punching Rum).

2. Find out about the local transportation, and the location of Hospitals and Police Stations.

3. If the Island is NOT a US territory, YOU WILL NEED A VALID PASPORT TO GAIN ENTRY. Islands like St Thomas, St. Croix, and St. Martin are US Territories therefor a passport is not required to enter.

4. Get your money together. Plane tickets, taxies, auto rentals, lodging, food, nightlife, customs fees, and souvenirs, can add up quickly. Whatever you plan on spending, add 30% and you might have enough. For example; $5000.00+30%=$6500.00

5. If you stay at a hotel, make sure they have transport to and from airport.

6. Get to know the locals: If you are nice to them, they will look out for you. In particular, get to know a taxi driver. They tend to know where everything is. Have them teach you the lingo.

7. Never never never venture off alone. If you must go solo, know EXACTLY where you are going AND how you will get there. NEVER go alone at night. ALWAYS take a local.

8. Watch out for con artists. Just because they smile at you, doesn't mean they like you. They may only like the tourist money in your pocket.

9. Don't be afraid to indulge: Go out to reputable establishments and taste the local everything.

10. NEVER forget where you are. Be very careful not to overindulge. You never want to forget who you came with, and how to get back to where you are staying.

And there you have it. My guide to having a safe and enjoyable vacation. Even though, I am from Trinidad, and familiar with the surroundings, I still follow the checklist that I wrote above. I never overindulge, I never go solo, and I always take more money than I need. It never hurts to be prepared. The smile in my photo says it all. That being said!! WHO'S READY TO GO ON VACATION?? LETS Gooooooo!!!!


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

      Hey Bigtrini, welcome to HubPages. Looking forward to more Trini articles. I went to school for two years in Maracas Valley; would like to revisit. If I do, which I would like to, I will certainly take number 7 seriously. See you around.

    • bigtrini profile image

      bigtrini 3 years ago

      Oh and don't forget to check out local festivals and attractions. Trinidad & Tobago has one almost every month, the biggest being Carnival Monday and Tuesday which takes place between February and early March.