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Caribbean islands... did you know Barbados had two?

Updated on June 5, 2013

Many of the 'larger' Caribbean islands have one or more smaller dependent islands. Antigua has Barbuda, St. Kitts has Nevis, Trinidad has Tobago and St. Vincent has numerous beautiful islands of the Grenadines.

But what about Barbados?

Well we certainly don't have anything on the scale of the Caribbean islands mentioned above but did you know that Barbados once had two small islands associated with it? And that there is still one remaining?

A markerBridgetown Harbour -
Bridgetown Harbour
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Pelican Island

Let's start with Pelican Island, the larger of our two Caribbean islands, which is no longer in existence.

Pelican Island was located just off the west coast of Barbados and was named after the numerous brown pelicans that nested there.

In the late 1950s the island was connected to the Barbados mainland as part of the construction of the Bridgetown Deep Water Harbour.

This is where the many cruise ships that visit Barbados dock, so if you are stopping in Barbados as part of your Caribbean cruise remember that you are on somewhat historic 'ground'! (More about Barbados as a port of call for cruise ships).

Today it's rare to see any pelicans in or around Barbados, however on occasion you can spot one. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is also home to a few pelicans.

Bridgetown Deep Water Harbour and Cruise Port, where Pelican Island once stood.
Bridgetown Deep Water Harbour and Cruise Port, where Pelican Island once stood.

Pelican off Barbados' south coast

Culpepper Island

The smaller of the two island dependencies is Culpepper Island located off the south-east coast of Barbados.

The island derives its name from the Culpepper family who owned the land in the area. In truth to call it an island is a bit of a stretch! Technically I think it can be so named because it's surrounded by water and contains some vegetation but at 35m x 25m it's little more than a rock in the sea!

Still it's a beautiful sight from the overlooking cliffs and it can actually be accessed by sea especially at low tide (it's located just a few meters from the Barbados mainland). I wouldn't recommend this if you are not a strong swimmer as there are currents in the area.

Barbados' Caribbean Islands

So there you have it.. a brief introduction to the island 'dependencies' of Barbados.

Of course if you crave more inter-island exploring, our neighbouring Caribbean Islands are just a short plane trip or cruise away.


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    • profile image

      Jesmine 4 years ago

      Barbados is the one of the most beautiful island situated in the Caribbean bay and every one should travel to Barbados and spend their vacation in the luxury villas.

    • rafeeqq profile image

      rafeeqq 5 years ago from Mandeville, Jamaica

      Although Barbados does not really have a small island of its own, it gives easy access to all of the surrounding islands.

    • profile image
      Author 6 years ago from Barbados

      I think it must have vegetation to qualify as a real island. Yes there is talk for building an island for villas, etc but just talk at this time.

    • irclay profile image

      irclay 6 years ago from Barbados, Canada

      I hear there are plans to build a new Island with villas for your affluent types. Does the rock at north point count? I have been there washed up on it after swimming and getting caught by a wave. Not a friendly place as I recall.