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Caribbean surfing destination - Barbados!

Updated on May 30, 2013
Caribbean surfing destination - Barbados!
Caribbean surfing destination - Barbados!

Good enough for Kelly Slater

Barbados is an ideal Caribbean surfing destination!

Need proof? Well Kelly Slater has picked Barbados among his top 5 secluded surfing spots and calls the Soup Bowl in Barbados 'one of the top three waves in the world'! I think Kelly knows a thing or two about surfing!

So what makes Barbados such a special Caribbean surfing destination? Certainly the Soup Bowl, located in the picturesque seaside village of Bathsheba is a standout spot for professional surfers. Each year in November a surfing festival is held here attracting surfers from Barbados, the Caribbean and beyond (including Kelly Slater). With constant Atlantic swells here is where you find the biggest and most consistent waves in Barbados.

Is that all?

Barbados is no one-trick pony when it comes to surfing! Ask a local surfer and he (or she!) will tell you about the lesser known spots around the island like Fryers Well up in the north, Batts Rock reef break on the west coast and Silver Sands down south.

Not as famous as the Soup Bowl perhaps but better suited for beginner and intermediate surfers.

For more popular Barbados surf spots see the satellite map.

Remember the waves are best from September to February/March and best of all the water temp is a nice warm 25 C.

Rentals and Guides

There are a number of surf shops on the island and great local guys like surfing champ Alan Burke (Burkie's Surf School), Christian Boos (Boosy’s Surf School) and Zed Layson (Zed's Surfing Adventures) who can show you the ropes!

A surf tour will take you to the best Barbados surf spots or if you prefer rent a board and explore for yourself.

Beginners are also welcome and the friendliness for which Bajans are renowned shines through as they teach you the basics and get you up on your board in no time!


If I've convinced you that Barbados is a great Caribbean surfing pick, then head on over to to book a flight, accommodation and surf tour.. or browse to the surfing page on that website for more compelling reasons to pick Barbados for your next surfing holiday.

If you've surfed off Barbados, please add your comments below...


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