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Carowinds Discount Tickets

Updated on May 12, 2011

Carowinds Discount Tickets

Want to get Carowinds discount tickets? Carowinds is a famous Cedar Fair owned amusement park found on the state line of both North and South Carolina. The park features over 122 acres of fun activities for people of all ages. Carowinds is a favorite amongst those who love thrill rides. The park has 10 rollercoaster rides and over 10 thrill seeking water rides. The park operates from late March until the end of October to finish up the season for visitors. Don’t pay full price before you check out the many different ways to find discount tickets to Carowinds. By using coupons or purchasing at cheaper pricing, you can save your family a lot of money off of full retail.

Use the map below to become familiar with Carowinds after you purchase your tickets.You can also purchase a season pass from Carowinds to save money if you visit the park frequently.

Roller Coaster Thrill Footage From Parks All Over the World

Carowinds Discount Tickets Via Online

Check the official website of Carowinds at Often times, the official site may run promotional offers or vacation packages that give discount tickets on admission into the park. If you take a large group of people, then Carowinds will also knock down the ticketing prices if you buy the tickets through their online store. Sign up while you are at the official website to receive promotional offers that will be sent to you through the USPS. Like other Cedar Fair properties, such as Cedar Point, Carowinds will send you a vacation brochure in the early spring that will be filled with coupons to give buyers discount tickets on admission, food and other money savers inside the park.

If you are looking for discount tickets for Carowinds in the near future and cannot wait for promotional offers, then visit or and find individuals selling unwanted tickets. Often times, buyers can purchase tickets at very cheap prices. Sometimes sellers are unable to use their tickets so they sell them at a much more reduced price instead of losing all of their money that they invested in the purchase.

Carowinds Discount Tickets for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are also entitled to discount tickets if he or she is older than 61. 62 and older citizens receive a half off if the individual purchases his or her next ticket before leaving the Carowinds park. 

Carowinds Vendor Discounts

Stores and product companies frequently will partner up with Carowinds to offer discount tickets for park visitors. Vendors and stores may change year to year; therefore, visit a few of the amusement park forums online to find out.,, and all offer forums that will help you ask local residents to help you find store and vendor discount tickets for Carowinds.

If you are a member of AAA then you may also have the opportunity of purchasing tickets at discount prices through a branch near you. Contact your AAA branch near you or visit them online to inquire if you can purchase your Carowinds tickets through them. Some ticket websites may also offer Carowinds discount tickets for sale online.

Carowinds: Formerly Owned by Paramount, Now Owned by Cedar Fair

Carowinds is a family friendly amusement park owned by Cedar Fair.
Carowinds is a family friendly amusement park owned by Cedar Fair.

Carowinds Address

A marker300 Carowinds Blvd., Fort Mill, SC 29708 -
300 Carowinds Blvd, Fort Mill, SC 29708, USA
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