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Casino Philippines -- list of Casinos in the Philippines

Updated on December 7, 2010
A dealer in a Casino in the Philippines
A dealer in a Casino in the Philippines

Casino Philippines

There are many talks about the privatization of PAGCOR or the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation, the government body that regulates gambling in the Philippines and controls many of the casinos in the Philippines. As of today, there are many casinos that are controlled by this bureaucracy but also there are private ones such as Resorts World in Manila. Resorts World Philippines is a private-owned casino in the Philippines.

There are many different legal forms of gambling in the Philippines such as lottery, bingo, poker, casino games, horse racing, and many others. There are also a lot of gambling that is considered as illegal by the government such as jueteng. The former president Joseph Estrada was even impeached because of being accused to be earning from this illegal game.

Typical casino games are available in casinos in the Philippines such as baccarat, black jack, poker, roulette, slot machines, and many others. 

List of Casinos in the Philippines and Location

Here are some of the Casinos in the Philippines. Of course it is mostly Pagcor because it is a government owned and regulated gambling corporation. Pagcor, next to the country's Bureau of Internal Revenue (the one that handles taxes), is actually the second highest income-earner of the Philippine Government.
  • Pagcor in Angeles, Philippines
  • Resorts World Manila in front of NAIA 3 Airport
  • Pagcor in Sucat near Duty Free near NAIA 2 Airport
  • Pagcor in Bacolod
  • Pagcor in Cebu
  • Pagcor in Davao
  • Pagcor in Hyatt Manila
  • Pagcor in Heritage Hotel
  • Pagcor in Olongapo
  • Pagcor in Tagaytay

Privatization of Pagcor

There are currently many talks and some debate about the privatization of Pagcor in the Philippines. Surely this will soon change many things about the gambling industry and state of gaming in the country. Many senators are actually already advocating it saying that it will generate a big income for the government and can pay up a lot of the country's debt. 

eGames or Internet Gambling in the Philippines

There are also a lot of places that have internet gambling available. They are called eGames Philippines and are still regulated and controlled by Pagcor. The same casino games are offered only you play it on a computer.

Gambling in the Philippines

I would say that if you are in Manila then you really have to check out Resorts World casino. It is very beautiful as compared to the Pagcor ones. It is a great place for entertainment and playing and tourists will surely enjoy playing there. It is right beside Marriot hotel and there is also a club right beside it called Reupubliq that will make your stay a lot more fun.

If you are planning to visit the Philippines, then you should really try out playing some games here in the Casinos in the Philippines.

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