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Castaway Cay The Morning Rush

Updated on December 21, 2015
Beautiful adventure at the beach
Beautiful adventure at the beach | Source

Arrival at Castaway Cay

I remember the moments spend in The Bahamas. After more than two weeks that I didn’t participated in the activities and tasks assigned to my team crew members in the island, I choose to go down and have a look. Yes, I usually skipped off the assignments and volunteered to do anything else onboard Disney’s vessel so I can stay, work and make a little extra money.

Finally, I went down and the first thing that welcome me was the burning hot smile of the island weather. No clouds in the blue sky. The pristine beach water was so clear that I couldn’t believe what I was watching; it like I was seeing the bottom of the sea in a fishbowl. That was a jaw-dropping experience. Awesome!

After a short walk into the beach there was a shuttle bus waiting for us at the station. The bus driver was playing Disney’s themed movies songs, it was fun indeed.

Up in the hill a huge party was developing: many people where there, hundreds of tourists walking up and down, smiling, talking to each other, Everybody was in a frenzy vibe walking around and having exotics drinks.

The front beach was covered with pool chairs and tables with those big,colorful, shiny umbrellas bringing sun protection to the party goers. The lively caribbean music was so inviting, that my team lider have to pull me over because I was losing pace with the rest of the group. Noise, music, laughs, that was an energetic, revitalizing party.

I can't find the right wording to express the sensations I was experiencing in the beach; in that intoxicating ambience where everybody was happy. Yes! I was feeling a real sublime ecstasy.

Kitchen operation- Hmm… that smells good !

My assignment was to feed the dishwashing machine all day long. The busboys and busgirls were bringing piles of dirty plates and putting them in the sink, The plastic racks filled with glasses we started to stack them up, because they were so many that we couldn't catch up washing them; the towers starting to reach the ceiling, It was a river of utensils, plates, and dishes coming from the dining room., Soon the front-of-the-house activities overtook the state-of-the-art dishwashing machines we were operating at the back of the kitchen. The situation was getting out of control. So the team leaders started to move people around to improve performance. On one of those moves I end up in the drills section supplying materials to the cooks and keeping everything moving smoothly. It was a rush . Cooks and team leaders were barking orders, explaining the products and services offered to the customers, music and conversations going at a high pitch. The smells of sizzling barbecue ribs, hot dogs with mustard, mayo and ketchup, corn dogs, french fries, decked slice-bread sandwiches, burgers…. ; all of this keep pulling in the tourists, more and more.

That was an orderly pandemonium.

Castaway Key with Disney's Cruise Ship
Castaway Key with Disney's Cruise Ship | Source

Dishwashing after the party

By sunset the party was winding down and the kitchen like a giant monster was starting to go to sleep. Clean and close down the sections was the team priority now. We had to clean the drill tops with a steel scrub brush. Cleaning the drills is the rough part of the whole operation. The cleaning crew moved into the sections like a well oiled machine; we cleaned-, dried-, shine- and tidy up all the sections in no time.

Our team leader went to the adjacent room, looked at the surroundings and measured the situation. While we were entering the room he immediately placed everyone into the area we have to manage. We took our positions like a football team setup to take down his opponent. Sweating, huffing and puffing, but with that bloody young energy that beamed out of our eyes, we took the challenge: the dishwashing room was filled up to the ceiling with stacked boxes with dirty plates, utensils, glasses, cups, you mentioned. And what it was expected to finish in three hours non-stop, we delivered it in less than two hours.

The group was so inspired, and pumped up that we achieved high levels of productivity at that day, at that time in that place. It was a rush, something that you just feel the waves of pure energy blasting out from everybody harmoniously, with an inner rhythm of pure joy.

Oh, I was living a happy moment.

© 2015 Daniel Grant


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    • JY3502 profile image

      John Young 19 months ago from Florence, South Carolina

      I hate to say this, although you do have good spelling, and your story did paint a beautiful place, your journalistic skills as a professional writer have a lot to be desired. Read up on the subject. I have been a professional writer for over 40 years and know what I'm talking about.You do have great potential however.

    • emge profile image

      Madan 20 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Looks a romantic place. Nice post and lovely photos

    • Shades of ink profile image

      Daniel Grant 20 months ago from Port Washington, NY

      Elsie, you're right.

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 20 months ago from New Zealand

      That would have been a big job to clean up all those dishes, these days when you go to places that required lots of dish washing, they used throw-away plates, what a way to waste good earned money.