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Catching Up

Updated on December 14, 2012

Plenty More Where That Came From

Catch ^
Catch ^

Bottle Turned Over, This is What Came Out

So much has happened that in case you are wondering, I am sitting close enough to pass the catchup. It will go well with your typical American dessert: another cheeseburger. I should not be bashing America because word from my stomach is that I gained the freshman fifteen again. Apparently, it's in my budget to dish out money for what's on my dish, but it’s not in my budget to dish out 500 Euros for a six-month gym membership. Signing up is a rarity, meaning there is a shortage of people needing to work out. Gyms trying to decrease their overhead costs, in turn, burden the higher fees onto the few, the proud, the machines. Machines: buff gym rats. That's my take. Now it makes sense why America offers lower prices and mails out free gym passes on top of that. America has a surplus of fatties. It’s the land of the free, but the land of the free weights should be a high level goal. Goals are reached if they are prioritized. In two days, one of my goals was fast-tracked. I learned how to drive a stick shift car. On roads I am unfamiliar with. The next five days I drove myself to work, thirty minutes away. One of the roads has twenty-one speed bumps, exactly. Yes, I counted. I stalled a few times before I reached the last bump. The line of drivers waved to me as they passed by. Minus four fingers. Found one thing that isn’t different than America. Time looks short, so I’ll have to squeeze the rest of this catchup out another time.


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