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Cebu City Hotels: The Cebu City Marriott Hotel

Updated on February 14, 2012

Cebu City as a Travel Destination

Cebu is the Queen City of the South. It is a big city but its provincial qualities are still existing. People are so hospitable, accommodating and very friendly. When you need directions or help, people would always be willing to extend their helping hands.

Thousands of people from other countries visit this beautiful city every year not only because of its friendly people but also its beautiful, inviting and world class resorts and hotels. Cebu also has many different events and activities that would make its visitors enjoy the city more. The shopping malls all over the city offer very affordable items and have the best customer service in the country.

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The Cebu City Marriott Hotel


Cardinal Rosales Avenue
Cebu Busines Park
Cebu City 6000
Tel. No.: (63-32) 411-5800
Fax No.: (63-32) 411-5801


The Cebu City Marriott Hotel is located right next to Ayala Center Cebu. Ayala is a big shopping mall in the city which houses many establishments like the Ayala Center department store, Gaisano Metro and Rustan's grocery, different boutiques, restaurants, beauty parlors, ticketing offices and many more. Whatever you need, you can find it right in Ayala Center Cebu. So, staying at this hotel would be a very good choice for business and pleasure.

If you want to go to this hotel from the airport, you can either hire an ordinary white taxi from there, take a yellow taxi, or hire a car rental service. However, the last choice is the most expensive usually ranging from P700-P1,500. The yellow taxi is cheaper where you will be charged using a taxi meter. Flagfall is at P70 and succeeding rate is P4 additional per 200 meters. If the taxi driver would tell you a fixed amount, don't agree with that and tell the driver you want the rate to be metered only. Metered rate is usually a lot cheaper than the fixed rate that they would give.

The cheapest kind of transportation from the airport to this hotel is when you hire an ordinary white taxi. In order to take this transport, you have to go to the domestic departure area and at the end of the building, you will see taxes lining up. These are the ordinary white taxes that you can hire. The security guard would give you a list of paper with the taxi's plate number. This is for your reference in case you have complaints on the service of the driver and for security purposes. If you won't be able to find the taxi area, you can always ask the security guard on duty and he would be always willing to help you.

Marriott Hotel to Ayala Terraces

This pathway leads to the Ayala Terraces from the hotel. Upon reaching the end, you would see different food establishments and a great and scenic view of the terraces which is great for picture taking, watching an event sponsored by the Ayala management or simply to just relax in the restaurants while listening to your favorite love songs and enjoying a sumptous meal.

Hotel Interior

Hotel Rates

The hotel rates start from P4,900. You can get any of their room types from the standard room, executive, executive with lounge access to the presidential suite. However, rates my change from time to time so it is best to check their website regularly or to call their customer service.

Hotel Dining

You can dine at the garden cafe or the palm lounge where you can enjoy international dishes from the always favorite Chinese foods, Indian, intercontinental and seafoods during weekdays and a special Saturday night prime rib buffet. Enjoy also a memorable dining experience at the pool side where you can eat your favorite grilled foods . Enjoy the most delicious grilled foods and an unlimited barbecue buffet. All these you can have while sipping your favorite drink and listening to a beautiful live entertainment.

The Hotel


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