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Central America, Scuba Diving and Stolen Passports - A Backpacker's Adventure Part - 1

Updated on January 24, 2011

Like many things, it started with drinking. A friend invited me to go have some drinks with a few of his friends he would be traveling with in two months. At the time i couldn't care less about going on a trip, backpacking didn't seem like my sort of thing. Drinking however did and i tagged along. I got to the house and four others were sitting outside on the balcony enjoying some Mojitos. I felt at home within seconds, already comfortable enough to use my favorite ice breaker; "so she says its not about the size of the boat it's about the motion in the ocean...but I've got a Yacht, it's called the S.S Bigger Then Your Leg", It ended. To my delight it hit well with the crowd. Within the hour the group began speaking about the trip they would soon be on. "I can't F*ckin' wait" one of the friends exclaimed. "Meh" I grunted. "Backpacking is not for me. Why would i live in dumps and smell like crap for 2 months when I can enjoy myself on a beach while an orangutang in a tux serves me margaritas?". The crowd looked at me confused. "A man can dream" I thought. "Vacation poon is the sh*t" my friend responded. My ears perked up "go on..." i lead. "Do you know what backpacking is?" one of the group members asked. "You see the world with complete freedom" he explained "to do what you want and when you want, and get all f*cked up along the way". And so I was a backpacker.

Getting on the trip wasn't quite a breeze. This group had planned this trip for 8 months and here i was 6 weeks away trying to find a way to squeeze on. Things began to get hectic. . Time to get my toiletries ready...100 bucks. Woah. Time to buy a bag...200 bucks. Woah. Time to buy my tickets...1000 bucks. Woah! Spending money, 3000 bucks. WOAH! This trip was starting to hit me and fast. "Freedom" I thought, "you have to earn it". That's exactly what I did. I worked 7 days a week until the last day of the trip. "Ill be with you soon my well dressed monkey friend" I thought. Then, quicker then I could have ever imagined...It came. The route would be Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica and finally Panama. Before i knew it I was on the way to the airport.

I consider myself a man of many words. I can always paint a picture with my words. "Holy sh*t. Holy sh*t! Holy SH*T!" I thought to myself. And what holy sh*t it was; Holy of course meaning Awesome and Sh*t of course meaning Sh*t. Filled with excitement, the 5 hour plane ride felt like days. I just wanted to land and start my vacation. At this point I should mention I'm kind of forgetful. When I say forgetful I don't mean "whoops I forgot to turn off the TV before bed" kind of forgetful. Let's put it this way: If balls didn't come with a sack I'd have a really high voice right about now. Within 10 minutes in Mexico I already lost my cellphone. F*CK! "okay, let it go" I thought. But, I couldn't...for ten minutes until something very peculiar happened. I bought a pack of smokes, paid with a ten...and got 8 dollars back! "Sucks about your cellphone" one friend offered. I didn't know what the f*ck he was talking about.

We got to our first hostel. "Okay!" i proclaimed, "Let phase Mexico BEGIN!". To be honest my intro to mexico was one of the more exciting things that happened there. It was a good place to start a vacation. It was extremely relaxed and the hostel was nice and clean. We got spoiled. I had a hard time feeling like a true backpacker mainly because we were buying all our meals from the local Wal-Mart. We spent the days on the beach getting a tan and checking out the mexican babes (yes, i called them babes). At night we got drunk...real drunk. Appearently, at one point I yelled "I feel like I'm in the playboy mansion and you're all my bunnies". There were no bunnies, only whales. There's only one thing I don't like about mexico, I haven't had sex in it yet. Oh, a surprising note to all: Mexicans don't like it when you get drunk and fake hump them. Must be a cultural thing.

I was having an okay time in Mexico but i wanted to see some beauty in the world...and then we hit Belize...

Belize, Honduras and more in Part 2


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