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Cesme Turkey : The perfect vacation spot with wonderful beaches and historical sites.

Updated on February 18, 2014

My visit to Cesme Turkey and Alaçati

Cesme Turkey and Alcati are spectacular places to visit. Cesme Turkey has the best beaches I have visited. I have been to Turkey on several occasions, all of them business trips to Izmir. Just last week I had a wonderful experience in a place called Cesme (just west of Izmir). I usually visit Izmir in the winter time, normally January, and believe me it does get a little cold due to the ocean breeze. Nevertheless everyone that I would meet up with would tell me I would have to return in the summer, and that Cesme was a great holiday place.

Well this year I discovered Cesme, and I guess I re-discovered Turkey, especially the Izmir region. Cesme is located on a peninsula, just west of Izmir, about 95 km, with highway all the way. It's located in the Aegean Region in Turkey and the Aegean sea cost is beautiful. If you visit this area you'll find a 7 km long beach in Cesme, and many bays. These bays have many beach clubs, I went to one, felt like paradise. Under a tree, relaxing watching the blueish green water, drinking some cold ones... If I had to describe paradise ... I'd probably try to put that scenery into words.

The sunset in Cesme port is one of the best I've ever seen, sat down relaxing after a day at the beach just watching the sunset at Cesme port.

Also, this area is very rich historically, as I found out, it was a strategic point in the past, therefore occupied by many in the past, Greek and Ottoman empire have still many remains.

In my honest opinion, I figure Cesme is on the Turkish tourism map, but far from the rest of the world. I was told 1/3 of Izmir population has a second home at Cesme, and many spend the summer months at Cesme. It certainly is a good way of life, on that unfortunately, I am far from having, but occasionally I can enjoy it.

Near Cesme their is a town called Alacati, I'm not a windsurfer, but I believe it has one of the best windsurfing areas in the world. So I was told that people all over the world have travelled to Alacati just for windsurfing. Excellent scenery, a little windy though, great for windsurfing.

By night we went to the old town center of Alacati. I've never been to no historic center with so many people and so much original/antique architecture. At 12 midnight hundreds of people were outside, in bars eating, having a family walk, .... something I can't describe with words.

I have been in many countries, to whom has not experienced a visit to Cesme I highly recommend it. It's a place you'll remember and want to return.

Beach Club
Beach Club


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