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Chauffeur Tours

Updated on July 3, 2013

Advantages of a Chauffeur

Many people tend to avoid, or don’t think about hiring a chauffeur driven car, most likely because they consider that they for VIPs, celebrities and high flyers in business. Perhaps the chauffeur service industry should be regarded as a luxury, as they are not as expensive as most people think and even then in most cases, hired wisely, you will be getting value for money because of the many advantages that come from having a chauffeured car.

We all travel at some point in our daily lives, obviously some more that others. If you compare the jet setting international businessman to the small businessman operating a virtual business from his bedroom, the miles travelled are significant. But even the small businessman is likely to take holidays, maybe in foreign countries, if his business is going well. When travelling abroad, whether this is the small businessman on his once a year holiday, or the businessman who is in a different city twice a week, the problems of travelling in unknown places are the same. Basically they won’t know there way around.

With a hired chauffeured service at the unfamiliar location, the problem is removed. Immediately you have at your disposal a safe and experienced driver with an excellent knowledge of the local area. Arrive at the airport, be picked up by the chauffeur and he will whisk you on to our hotel, via an excellent local restaurant if that is what you wish. The point being that you have at your service a local tour guide, who knows were your hotel is, knows the good restaurants and will be able to deliver you promptly to your business meeting when needed, or perhaps take you onwards to the best beach in the area, if you are on holiday.

Imagine the kudos to your friends and business colleagues when you tell them that you didn’t bother hiring a car on holiday, you hired the driver and the car. Business must be good.

The above is only one example showing the advantages of hiring a chauffeur. More familiar uses of a chauffeurs for most people are at weddings, where the chauffeur arrives and takes the bride to the church, and then onwards to the reception, providing that special occasion with efficiency and no fuss. Another example is when going to a prom ball, a chauffeured limousine provides seats for a large number in style, champagne or punch provided of course.

Chauffeur Tours of England

Chauffeur Tours of England can include visiting historic houses and beautiful gardens, palaces, cities or unspoilt villages. The beauty of chauffeur tours is that you get a personal chauffeur all to yourself which if you chose carefully can make your holiday a dream come true.

Some Chauffeur tour companies offer the chance to make your tour bespoke so you can go and see the places that you really want to see. Perhaps you have already seen the main tourist attractions in England and want to see places that aren't necessary top attractions.

Some companies will arrange everything from where to stay, your air travel, transfers from airports and even tickets for theatre and shows. Obviously you will need to give an idea of your budget, but if you want everything arranged so you have very little to do except turn up, this is possible.

P and P Tours offer Elite Chauffeur tours which can be tailored to suit you. They are experts in all things regency so if you love anything to do with historical England, this is the tour company to choose.

The Solo Woman Traveller

If you have ever travelled alone you know it can be quite daunting and lonely, especially if you are a women.

Solo travel can however be the ultimate expression of treating yourself. You get to go where you want, when you want and do exactly what you want to do when you get there. Also you can be in control of arranging everything. It is also very rewarding and a real confidence booster.

The Solo Woman Traveller is a great article for women seeking advice on traveling solo.

20 Free Attractions in London

You should not care if the hotels as well as restaurants in London tend to be very expensive since there is no single city in the world that offers free stuff. The London city has world class museums that you can enter without having to show an admission ticket. Other amazing things that are unique with lots of surprising features in London include canal walks, parks, some royal spotting, as well as classic super markets such as the amazing Columbia Road Flower Market, Camden Market, and Portobello Road Market. This article discusses several wonderful attractions found in the city of London.

1. Borough Market
For food lovers, Borough Market in London city is your perfect place where you can have a wonderful as well as memorable grab-and-go lunch or breakfast. This market is stuffed with high quality meals that suit every class. Borough Market forms one of the most surprising attractions located south of the river. The market is normally open from Thursday to Saturday where it is usually at its bustling best. You can go on a Borough market tour run by the London based tour company "Mind the gap Tours".

2. British Museum
The British Museum tops the list of most attractive places in London and it is usually free of charge. In case you visit London, do not forget to hop in this museum for even 20 minutes to have a quick glance at the Rosetta Stone saving the head smashed ‘Lindow Man’, Aztec mosaic masks as well as millions of other items for the next visit.

3. Houses of Parliament
The Clock Tower or simply the Palace of Westminster, is among the most amazing neo-Gothic wonder since 1995.This place is full of full houses which includes the House of Lords as well as the House of Commons. You can book earlier to be able to watch antics during the parliamentary sessions.

4. National Gallery
The National Gallery forms a very serious art stop in the city of London today. This gallery has 2000 Wetsern European classics by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Renoir, as well as Van Gogh which make it even better.

5. Tate Modern
Tate Modern is among the most beloved attractions found in the London city. It is well situated in the Bank side Power Station on the Thames. Although the special exhibits can cost up to ten pounds, you can try the free and permanent collection of about 60,000 works (Matisse, Rodin, Warhol, Pollock), wrapped in an exclusively themed exhibits like the ‘Poetry and Dream’ for the fantastic. There is an upstairs café which has amazing Thames views as well as its building is wonderful.

6. Wallace Collection
Wallace collection is probably among the finest small gallery in London city. This collection forms an alluring glimpse of the best art works of the 18th century. It is set up in a luxurious Italianate hall full of the 17th and 18th century art works. If you are a first-time visitor of London city, you will definitely find this place superb.

Top England Attractions

  • London Eye
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Buckingham Palace
  • The Houses of Parliament
  • Big Ben
  • Westminister Abbey
  • St Pauls Cathedral
  • Tower Bridge
  • Stonehenge
  • Ironbridge Musuems
  • Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo, Yorkshire

Why Visit London?

London is one of the greatest capitals in the world. A truly diverse city which has something for everyone. It has the London has the largest concentration of major attractions in Britain. Some of the more popular attractions are listed to the right.

There are thousands of restaurants in London which cater for all tastes and budgets. If you love French cuisine, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Italian or even American food then you can be sure to find a restaurant. The hardest part will be choosing which one to go to first. If its English grub you are after there are plenty of traditional English pubs to choose from. This is a great website for finding somewhere to eat in London:

Shops are plentiful. If your a shopaholic then London is a dream come true. There are plenty of famous stores on Oxford Street, or maybe you want to try some of London famous Markets such as Brixton Market or Portobello Road market. Those looking for more quirky gifts should head over to Covent Garden, here you will also see some of the famous street entertainers. Those with a large budget should head to Mayfair where you will find plenty of luxury goods.

There are plenty of theatres to choose from in London. Shows play out all year round so it doesn't matter when you visit, you will easily find a good show or play to go and watch. This website has a great guide of what is on and happening.

World Class Cars that are Chauffeur Driven

Companies that offer chauffeur services to high profile individuals or corporations often use classy cars and employ highly qualified chauffeurs. Some companies also offer cars for hire. These classy cars are very expensive and sport special features that are not found in your ordinary car, which makes experienced and absolutely professional chauffeurs a necessity.

The chauffeurs operate under a particular code of conduct. They are dressed in a given style, which is usually formal. The most common dress code is black suit, white or blue shirt and a tie that matches. Companies that offer chauffeur services have a distinct uniform. Against this backdrop, we are going to look at three cars considered the best for such high ranking services.

Chrysler 300c

The car is refined to set off the interior physical condition at best, in temperature, pressure and endless feel of freshness. It represents a world that feeds comfort to the occupant and once you have your first ride in it, the difference is very clear. Combine this with cosy leather seats having the unique characteristic of brightness without reflection. An incredible sense satisfaction is drawn from the Chrysler 300c.

It is fitted with a sound system that redefines audio world, thanks to audio msys-10 premium speakers with powerful dual subwoofers. The electronic indulgence is defined by the optional remote devices, with mp3, CDS and SD card players. It has an unconnected phone system (Bluetooth and infrared) that enables the chauffeur and passenger to communicate.

The Mercedes s Class

By defining it in terms of speed, size, model, fuel consumption, manufacturers’ material and the like, the Mercedes s class is far much ahead of its peers. This is an iconic car that seems to sum up the German brand. Add the radar system, 3D and HD panoramic cameras and the LED lamps that make a day out of the darkest of nights. Talk of the night vision, the classic technology that enables vision of objects without them reflecting their own light. Really these are awesome features that make the chauffeur service unparalleled.

Mercedes Benz Viano

This beast exudes the interior characteristics of a modern first class car. It has adaptive brake lights, six airbags and an optical sun roof that enables the chauffeur to regulate the amount of natural light filtering in. It has a well fitted electronic system with a cockpit management and data system. Talk of a sound system that can only be described in a single word- fantastic.


Rolls-Royce Limited was created by Charles Stewart Rolls and Henry Royce in 1906. As a successful engineer he struck a deal with Charles Rolls, owner of one of the first car dealerships. The series of two, three, four and six cylinder cars broke the mould for engineering and craftsmanship. The quality of these cars is obvious because over 60% of these cars ever manufactured are still in existence today.

Truth is self evident, and the chauffeur driven cars exhibit phenomenal luxury.

Visit Rural England

Many people when visiting England head straight for the capital, but there are many rural places which are often overlooked. If you have done the London attractions why not venture out in the country side. Below is a highlight of rural places to visit in England:

The Peak District

The Peak District in Derbyshire is Britain's first National Park with breathtaking landscapes and beautiful moorland. This is a must for all outdoor enthusiasts.


Somerset is south west of the country, home to Glastonbury, the famous festival site. There is plenty of must see attractions. Cheddar Gorge is an impressive site and can be found in the Mendip Hills, near the village of Cheddar.

The Lake District

The Lake District is one of the more popular rural destinations in England. With beautiful lakes, mountain ranges and views to die for. If you like to walk, this is one of the best places to head for. There are museums which teach about Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth and how they put their stamp on the area.


Shropshire is close to the border of Wales which is one of the most peaceful areas in England. The Ironbridge Gorge Museums are a must when visiting this county. The first iron bridge which spans the River Severn attracts millions each year and is a World Heritage site.


There are plenty of coastal towns and country side to visit in this great county. Dover has a history rich port and is home to the white cliffs of Dover. The cliffs are iconic and with the castle over looking the port make is a sight to be seen.

This is a great website to help you choose where to visit in England:


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