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Cheap Airfare Trick That Will Beat The Prices Of Travel Websites

Updated on May 11, 2009

I needed to get from Seattle, WA to Charlotte, NC. I had only 3 weeks to book my travel and I needed to be able to get 2 seats together so that my 4 year old daughter was right next to me.

I checkout out Expedia, Orbitz, and Cheap Tickets. My actual flight dates were not set in stone so I could pick and choose what days seemed the best deal, tuesday through thursday it seemed. All were quoting low cheap airfare prices starting at just under $300 with the lowest being around $280 per airline ticket through Cheap Tickets. Problem is, with Cheap Tickets I was concerned I would not be able to gaurentee that I could get 2 seats right next to each other.

cheap airline tickets
cheap airline tickets

Looking At The Cheapest Airline

I noticed a trend on all the cheap ticket websites. One of the airlines was showing as being the cheapest on all. Delta airlines was by far the best deal out of the other airline companies with flights.

I decided to see what kind of price I could get going directly to the Delta airlines website. I needed 2 seats together and was prepared to pay a little more. Turns out that Delta actually had a cheaper price then the advertised airfare prices on the other websites.

Go Directly To The Airfare Source

Next time you are looking to book a flight. Go to the big cheap deals airfare websites and narrow down which airline is offering the best deals. Then go directly to the airline company website and see what they offer.

If the price is not lower, check to see if that airline has a best price deal. Some airlines such as Delta will beat the price if there is a better deal offered on a different website for the same flight.

Don't forget that even after booking the flight there may be additional charges for baggage. Delta for example charges and additional $15 for the first bag $25 for the second. This is each way. Other airline baggage rules and fees may vary


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