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How to find Cheap Car Rentals Worldwide

Updated on October 24, 2009

Cheap Car Rentals Worldwide

Cheap Car Rental,how to find it.

Most of us go on Holidays and Vacations and, if we are going to hire a car, we try to find the cheapest car rental available. No mater what type or class of car we want to hire, we want to get, not only value for money, but a bargain. We don't want to find that we have paid more for the same hire car as the smug family we find holidaying next door to us.

How to find Cheap Car Rentals

So, how can we find this cheap car rental for ourselves? I hear you ask. The easiest way, though not neceserily every time, is to book your car early. The car companies tend to start renting out their cars more cheaply the ferther away the rental date is. As the rental date approaches, and they habe less cars available, so they increase the price that they rent the cars for, the last few days being the most expensive. This is the norm, but if it is the low season or they still have a lot of cars available sometimes they may start to reduce the price. This doesn't tend to happen too much these days as the companies are getting more sufisticated when they order cars as to there requirements. They tend to match supply and demand farly well.

Book Your Car Early

So we can book a car in January for an August rental and we may save some money. This will of course be a problem for some as they do not allways organise their vacations at this time. Many do not know the dates of their holidays or even where they will be going. So how else can they improve their chances of finding cheaper car rentals than their neighbours.

Compare Car Rental companies

Compare as many car rental companies as you can. This will help if you are booking your car early or late. How will this help? It is all to do with how the system works, I will try to give a simple explanation.

Say that I have a car that I want to rent out at Bahrain Airport, how would I find a renter? I could do many things to help me, I could have a desk at the airport with car hire. I could put an advert in the paper or magazines and I could tell other companies that if they found a renter for the car then I would pay them a part of the price. This other company may have a few other Car Rental companies at Bahrain Airport on it's books so the only way for my cars to get picked is to lower the price or increase the amount of money I pay this other company to rent out my car in return for not renting out other companies cars and so reducing the competion to my car. Some might do this but others would suggest that they reduce the money they take if I reduce my price so bringing the price to the customer down even further. This would make their life easier as a cheaper car would be easier to rent. If this company doese this with many car agents then they will have a large data base of cars to compare and so at any one time would probably have the cheapest car available.

This means that if renting you want to find a company that compares many different rental companies and is able to reduce it's commision. The easiest way to do this is to look on the internet.

Listen to and ask Friends

Ask your friends and work collieges who they use and if they know of any cheap car rental companies, you may be surprised.

Ask your company

Your company may use a car rental company that will give you a speicial discount rate to try to keep the company as a client.


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