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Cheap Caravan Holidays

Updated on September 15, 2012

Five ways to save money on family holidays

With the credit crunch biting and families tightening their financial belts now more than ever people are looking for ways to shave money off their outgoings. As a family of nine ( yes we really do have 7 kids!! ) through necessity we have had to find ways to adapt our spending. We wanted to be able to enjoy fun family holidays together without bankrupting ourselves!

  1. Go Self Catering - When ever possible choose a self catering option whether this is camping, staying in a cottage or caravan. By preparing food yourselves rather than eating out all the time you can save a small fortune and you are not tied to preset meal times.
  2. Stay Local - There are plenty of places you can stay locally without having to pay for expensive plane tickets. Even travelling to somewhere an hour or so away is an adventure to a small child! Minimising travel also can make you feel smug at reducing your carbon footprint.
  3. Haggle over the price - if you are staying in self catering accommodation particularly when dealing with a private individual or small organisation don't be afraid to haggle over the price. This is obviously more effective during off peak times when demand is lower than in August during the school holidays. Owners would rather have paying guest staying in their accommodation than have it empty earning nothing. If you want to stay for a fortnight see if you can negotiate a discount for the second week.
  4. Look for free activities - a trip to the beach with bucket and spades will keep little ones amused for hours. Add a frisbee or football with a picnic and restless teens can be pacifed for a while too! Our current favourite holiday is staying self catering in a caravan at Butlins, Skegness as the cost of Butlins Passes are included in your holiday price getting you access to 50 free family activities which will keep both big and little kids happy.
  5. Check out Ebay & Free Ads - more and more businesses seem to be advertising late deals on Ebay and other online free ads type sites. Yes you can pick up some bargains but be careful during peak periods as families desperate for a week away that have left it too late to get the holiday they want will bid over the odds. Remember to know your budget and stick to it!

I hope these money saving tips help you and your family enjoy a fun holiday where ever you decide to go without breaking the bank!!

Self catering caravan at Butlins Skegness
Self catering caravan at Butlins Skegness


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    • ged49 profile image

      ged49 8 years ago

      hi , I know just what you mean about finding cheap family holidays we have seven children of our own ( all grown up now thank goodness )and we had to watch the expense when ever we went on holidays . We used to go off peak to caravan sites at skegness and ingoldmells because you could usually get a van for a third of the price of peak times . Got a touring van now that we keep on a site at chapel st leonards and the years cost including storage is only the same price as three weeks in a static caravan at peak weeks , so we get eight months use for a fraction of hiring