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Cheap Caribbean Vacations

Updated on January 12, 2011

Cheap Caribbean Vacations

It is very easy to find cheap Caribbean vacations. Many people think of Caribbean vacations as a luxury, only to be enjoyed by the rich and affluent. However, this is not the case; anyone can find cheap Caribbean vacations and do so painlessly. I have flown to the Caribbean numerous times and it has never cost me an arm and leg. Below I will outline a few simple ways on how you can find cheap Caribbean vacations.

The biggest secret to getting a cheap Caribbean vacation is to book off-season. This includes airfare tickets and hotel or resort reservations. By not booking during peak times you can save an enormous amount of money and hotels will be practically begging you to stay with them. So what is off-season for the Caribbean? Anytime between April and October and you will be sure to get cheap Caribbean vacations.

In addition, when choosing a hotel or resort, try to go for a non-brand named one. Aim for a local one in the island you are planning to visit and you can save a bundle.

What Cheap Caribbean Vacations Look Like

Cheap Caribbean Vacations
Cheap Caribbean Vacations

Cheap Caribbean Vacations

Lastly, when choosing an airline, shy away from major airlines such as American Airlines. Check out Jet Blue, Air Jamaica and Caribbean Airlines. Go to their websites and sign up for their specials. You are bound to get a good deal and be on your way to some cheap Caribbean vacations.

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    • rafeeqq profile image

      rafeeqq 6 years ago from Mandeville, Jamaica

      The Caribbean is indeed a great place to visit. Its a place that has a vacation package for practically any reasonable budget.