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Cheap Hotel Reviews

Updated on April 9, 2011

Cheap Hotel !

So here we are, I've reached the milestone of 60 hubs, and now I press on with my journey, while I took a brief time to relax, I looked around for cheap hotel's to rest my head.. haha, sorry for losing anybody in my metaphorical description there.. but basically I have reached a stage in my writing career here on Hubpages and I am recently beginning to experiment with the topics and methods of choosing categories. I'm not selling out or trying to appeal to the masses, I find it interesting to write outside of my interests and I like to broaden my horizons because like the famous saying goes 'the change does you good!'.

In this article I was going to explain some common mistakes and crack some jokes about when you look for cheap hotels in your plans for a holiday or even just to stay over night when commuting. I did a little bit of research but I also have heard stories from friends and have stayed a in few dives myself over the years when studying or just on holiday with a girlfriend.

Cheap hotels in Europe

OK, well I haven't yet explained the first photo as the default to the article, basically I was searching through Flickr as I do when I want Creative Commons photographs and I as you can imagine, that creepy decorated art deco tiled door number immediately stood out. The orange and blue colours are already bad taste as it is, but it is a genuine photograph and not flipped as someone suggested under the Flickr comments, your can tell by the bird symbol on the door handle. It is a cheap hotel in Spain and you can imagine the horror you would associate with when you discover your room with this number welcoming you to your apartment, even the most 'non-supasticious' person, I feel wouldn't want to be greeted to their holiday with this because of the bad connotations associated with the number.

Secondly we have 'Hotel Kuntz', another cheap hotel in Europe and I would like to apologize in advance for the joke associated with this photograph because I have heard a certain swear word is considered more offensive in the State's than it is over here. Basically I found this photograph on Flickr and somebody else had seen the negatie impact this choice of title could have on the profit of the business. I think it is a German hotel and the owner probably didn't think of the English interpretation, also the colour scheme including creams and browns doesn't exactly make the place look glamorous.

Once again, stay away from any hotel decorated with art deco or floral wallpapers or you could end up at a real life 'Shining hotel' or 'Fawlty Towers'(a U.K comedy show). It shows that the manager's of the hotel have taken little time and effort to make the establishment attractive for the stayer, plus if their image isn't uptodate you can probably bet that the equipment they use is also out of date such as TVs, Shower's and Kitchen utensils. This means that your stay may not be all you imagined it to be, especially if you planned it as a romantic getaway or even if you were just looking for a place to crash the night.

Cheap UK hotels

Cheap UK hotels or Cheap London Hotels for anyone thinking of visiting the UK are usually either independent or there are a few chain hotel branches such as Premier Inn, TravelLodge, Etap or Holiday Inn. I have heard particular stories from friends and read reviews online because we have recently had a Etap open a mile down the road from my house because it is near the motorway. However, I was a little hesitant to write my stories regarding these hotels in case I get in trouble for scandalous publicity, although since I have read reviews online and it is free-speech I am going to chose to give this advice to help people make a choice which will improve their holiday/stay.

I know that Etap has a corporate brandng with a conservative blue/cream colour scheme going on but does this represent the quality of the services? or is it the McDonalds of Hotel chains? 'Satisfying on first bite, leaves you wanting more after and lacking goodness'. Although I haven't stayed here myself, I imagine because it offers cheap prices, the staff are probably under paid, tired and undesirables probably stay here. I have been told by friends that it is renowned for having truck stoppers bring prostitues back to because it is near the motorway, although I don't believe every rumour which is spread I searched the internet and this has been true on occasions for one couple who stayed at a Scottish Etap.

Above the Etap photograph we have 2 photographs of the same TravelLodge in Cambridge, although the may offer cheap hotel deals, we can see that with this particular hotel design they have concentrated more effort on appearing to be a artistic looking building which they have failed to maintain the appearance of.

Here is a photograph of Butlin's, Minehead, UK. The Resort 'Challet's', are a cost effective way of accomaditing 1000's of visitor's in the holiday village, some are a little run down because of recent spending on entertainment and special guest shows such as X-Factor and WWE wrestling weekends, however new accomadation is being updated at present and it proves to be a worthwhile destination. Although if you are looking for something special for you and your partner to relax in, try spending that bit extra on a higher grade room because they budget room me and my girlfriend stayed in literally had enough room for the double bed, and a small bathroom.

Finally I have included some cheap hotels flights not included stories!  The above photographs are from a Flickr set I found where the holiday was to Indonesia and arranged their own accommodation. You need to search online or at a travel agent in advance if you want to stay in a comfortable residency, this person was charged full price to stay here and then later on found a much more quality hotel for cheaper, locals will take advantage of your vulnerabilities when travelling to poorer countries. The washing facilities seem to be a little different to what we are used to, the bathtub is actually created from tiles and the shower in the first image requires standing in a red metal tub.

I hope I have given you some insights into first impressions when searching for hotels for cheap, I know a lot of this is common sense but it is always nice to have a recap with an amusing layout and some people these days are very naive being used to the luxuries they take for granted, so be careful and good luck!


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