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Cheap Rooms

Updated on February 14, 2012

cheap rooms to rent

It could be perfect when you find cheap rooms when you travel locally as well as internationally. The money that you save can be used for other purposes like leisure, souvenirs and transportation. Any traveler will find absolute delight in finding the best hotel deals and even last minute hotel deals especially when he is in a tight budget.

However, looking for cheap rooms is not that easy.

How do you search hotel price and look for cheap hotels as soon as possible? Generally speaking, when you book ahead or search hotel price ahead of time, you can make estimates on the lowest price and even find cheap rooms easily but when you are travelling on a short notice, it may be difficult to find last minute hotel deals price. Here are some of the best ways to find cheap rooms even when you don’t have much time to plan your travel itinerary:

  1. Use the Internet and get the best deals on cheap rooms right away. Beat other travelers for the last minute hotel deals through joining This site will not only give you cheap rooms but can help you get the lowest prices on airfares, car rentals and even an entire vacation package trip! The secret is to make a low and successful bid to actually get the price you want. If you think you may have time to challenge other bidders for cheap priced rooms and the best hotel deals then try learning the ropes of and you may be on your way to getting the best deals in town!
  2. Sometimes finding cheap rooms may not be that simple. Of course you also need to keep in mind the hotel’s ranking, amenities of each room and the safety of the location. There are cheap hotels basically everywhere with ridiculously discounted prices but are you willing to take risks on your safety and security just to get the best deal? It would be better to fond cheap hotels through reliable online sites like and Expedia so you can search for hotel prices and check out important details like the location, access to public transport, distance to the nearest airport, the nearest route to the embassy if you plan to travel abroad and of course the nearest places to relax, unwind and to spend the best vacation ever.
  3. Sometimes even online sites are not that reliable when you want to find cheap rooms on such short notice. Some travelers may be better of calling hotels directly to check for the last minute deals they can offer. Rates listed in a hotel’s website may not always be the last minute hotel deals and you can get discounted prices by calling. The hotel manager may be willing to reduce the rates of a hotel room further when you call less than 48 hours before your travel time or they can be persuaded just by asking politely!
  4. It could be easy to find cheap rooms when you are a member or an affiliate of a certain club or organization. Automobile clubs, travel clubs, the military and many other organizations may have a travel package and members and their family can take advantage of these discounts. Inquire about these amazing deals through your secretariat or through affiliate hotels.
  5. You may also find cheap rooms and the cheapest hotel rates when you are not a picky traveler. You may consider getting a simple room without extravagant amenities and a spectacular view so you can get the least possible price. Even the choice of beds may affect the rate of the room you may be looking for. Typically a room with a king sized bed may cost more than a queen sized or twin beds; if you are willing to be flexible, simple choices like these can add a lot of savings on your budget.
  6. If you are travelling for business, you may find cheap rooms when you try hostels, apartment hotels and pension houses instead of booking at a luxury hotel. Staying longer than expected may mean more money to spend on food, transportation let alone board and lodging; these places are not only cheap but also have services that you get out of staying at a hotel suite like cleaning services, laundry, dry cleaning, a working kitchen and of course utilities like cable, Wi-Fi and telephone.
  7. Sometimes it is better to look for cheap rooms when you are there. If you really don’t have the time to find the best hotel deals online or call hotels before you leave home, then you could be better off when you get there. Hotels may have room bookings that have been abandoned or lower rates that are not available online that you can take advantage of. You may also get the chance to interview locals for the best deal especially when you don’t really have the time to hunt hotels on your own.
  8. There are times when there are not really enough cheap rooms to accommodate travelers on a particular holiday like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and many other special occasions. It may sometimes be wiser to settle for a much higher rate and arrange to be transferred to a cheaper room the soonest possible time. To get this strategy working, find out when a cheap room is going to be available and make plans to transfer to that room when possible; staying on an affordable room even for just a day or two can do wonders for your travel budget.
  9. Finally, if you can’t really find cheap rooms as soon as possible, stay with a friend or a relative for a while until your hotel room is available. This will absolutely cost you nothing and if they have not seen you for a long time, they may even ask you to stay during your entire vacation!

Finding the best hotel deals for cheap rooms is certainly the best way to save.

The most ideal way of course is to plan out your vacation or business trip ahead of time to avoid hassles and stress.


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