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Cheap Snowshoes - Buy Discount Snowshoes Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

Snowshoeing is one of the most fun activities one can do in the winter. There's something... magical about walking on top on the snow; it remains untouched, just as much as the world does around you. It's like you're walking in some hidden world, a place you're not supposed to be, a daring adventure that's exhilarating.

The thing is, though, if you want to experience snowshoeing you need to have snowshoes. There are many different types of snowshoes to buy, some built for the back-country, with some built for your backyard. There are snowshoes for women, just as there are snowshoes for kids. It used to be that snowshoeing was a limited adventure; now, however, with the improvement of technology anyone can do it.

What about cheap snowshoes? I mean that's why your're here, right? You want to find and buy cheap snowshoes online; you want find discount snowshoes for sale; you want to be able to have your cake and eat it to. Or something like that.

Luckily you've come to the right place.


Cheap Snowshoes For Sale

There are many different ways you can find and buy cheap snowshoes online. You find discount snowshoes for sale, you can buy companies that sell cheap snowshoes, you can purchase low quality (yet effective) snowshoes for sale, and you find used snowshoes for sale.

Different types of cheap snowshoes:

  • Yakima Snowshoes
  • Tubb Snowshoes
  • Northern Lites Snowshoes
  • Red Feather Snowshoes
  • Alaskan Snowshoes
  • Yowie Snowshoes
  • Wood Snowshoes

Buy Cheap Redfeather Snowshoes Online

Redfeather Snowshoes

One of the best snowshoes on the market, as well one of the cheapest, are Redfeather snowshoes.  Redfeather snowshoes are one of the leaders when it comes to making high quality and efficient snowshoes; in fact they've been recognized a few years as the best snowshoe of the year. 

The best aspect of Redfeather snowshoes, however, is that they come at discount prices.  When searching for cheap snowshoes for sale online, when of the best products to first look for is Redfeather snowshoes; they are discount snowshoes that are also some of the best.


  • Stainless-steel crampon system (prevent build-up of ice)
  • Extruded 6000 series aluminum tube frame. 
  • Side buckles that will fit any boot.
  • Hinge lift for added mobility and speed. 

Discount Tubb Snowshoes For Sale

Tubb Snowshoes

One of my favorite brands of snowshoe are the Tubb Snowshoes.  Tubb snowshoes look much different than, say, Redfeather snowshoes.   They are designed in a wider style, adding much more comfort and mobility.  They also, which I find very appealing, come in a variety of colors. 

As far as buying cheap snowshoes online, Tubb snowshoes are right up there on that list.  They are a bit cheaper than Redfeather snowshoes, but don't lack any of the quality or performance.

General Features:

  • Slightly upturned, rounded tail: this gives more protection for the knee and ankle joints.
  • Rotating Toe Cord - less snow on tail equals more speed. 
  • Fits any boot, any size. 
  • Carbon steel toe
  • Good for climbing hills

Wood Snowshoes

Wood snowshoes are a dying breed.  You can find many used snowshoes for sale that are actually wood snowshoes.  Wood snowshoes work just as well as most snowshoes - and are in fact much more comfortable - making them an excellent choice. 

As for finding cheap wood snowshoes to buy online - well - it becomes a bit limited.   But for a handcrafted snowshoes: it's worth the look. 

Buy Discount Alaskan Snowshoes Online

Alaskan Snowshoes

Some of the cheapest snowshoes to buy online are Alaskan Snowshoes.  In fact, in my opinion, when finding cheap snowshoes for sale, Alaskan snowshoes are the first brand I look for. 

All Alaskan snowshoes are under $100 making them an excellent choice of discount snowshoes.  They are light snowshoes ideal for any snow condition; they also fit any shoes and have very good mobility. 


Cheap Snowshoes For Women

What do you consider cheap?  Above I listed the cheapest snowshoes for each particular brand, but what is actually considered cheap?  Well - I'll tell you.

A good cheap snowshoe for sale online will usually fall in the range from 50 to 100 dollars.  The best discount snowshoes for women fall in this range.

Cheap Snowshoes For Kids

When it comes to buying cheap snowshoes for kids, the price range is different than it is for women and men.   Many kids snowshoes can be found as used snowshoes for sale online, but if you don't want used you can still find cheap snowshoes for sale. 

Cheap snowshoes for kids fall in the range of 25 to 50. 


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