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Cheap Used Caravans, Second Hand Caravans For Sale

Updated on July 1, 2017

Caravans are an excellent idea, it's a home away from home. You can go virtually anywhere with a caravan hitched up to your own car, owning one, will actually open your life up a bit more to travel, without the need for expensive hotel rooms. If you want to do a road trip, with a caravan, you can stop in almost any place and rest, cook dinner, use the toilet, or just have a nap. A cheap used caravan, does not even cost that much, and may set you back about $150 to $300 for a simple two or three person model. I know this because I have one, a second hand caravan, and over the last year it has helped save my business, saved me lots of troubles at the beach with the children, has allowed me to travel further, saved me lots of money on hotels rooms, but at the end of the day, you will never fully appreciate a caravan, until you have tried one.

The Standard Caravan

This caravan is a three bed second hand caravan, it is in perfect road condition, it has a double bed and a rear single bed, which folds up into seating for between 5-8 people, with two fold down tables, a kitchen sink, an oven, grill and two cooking rings, fridge, toilet, shower, a bathroom sink, a closet, many small cupboards, 6 windows, curtains, electric points etc etc. So really, apart from a bath, it is a home away from home. And ones similar to this can be bought for less than $450.

Caravan Depreciation

New caravans can cost a lot of money, and like a car, as soon as you leave the compound, they depreciate in value quite a lot, so like buying a used car, a used caravan makes financial sense. If you buy a second hand caravan from a company selling used caravans, you will usually get a twelve month warranty on parts and labour for any mishaps that may occur, but it is really only a steel box on a chassis, so not much can go wrong. If you buy from a private seller, you may save money, but you do not get a warranty. And shopping for a caravan from a company, can give you an idea of what you want or need from a used caravan, or at least it will give you ideas and what you may get for your budget. There are many holiday caravans for sale, all used, all going cheap, including cessna caravan sales.

Decorate to your own taste
Decorate to your own taste

Used Caravans and Home Rebuilding

Many people buy a used caravan to stay in whilst they are building or rebuilding their property. Throughout Europe and America, thousands of people have taken to having their caravan next to their new house or their home being remodelled. This allows them to keep an eye on the project, saves them lots of money on petrol by not having to go back and forth from their other house or hotel, and saves them money by not having having to rent a room or house whilst theirs is being built. The money saved can be put back into the building project, then you can sell the caravan when you have finished, either way, you are financially better off. You could save even more money everyday by buying the solar and wind power energy products like solar powered computer charges, battery charges, lights, showers etc, that are used in most modern caravans. The link for some of them is here

Used Caravans and Day Trips

This is an excellent use for a caravan, especially if you have a family or like to drink tea. We took ours to the beach and parked on the road next to the beach in Spain, no problems from the police. The kids were able to use the toilet whenever they wanted, we were able to drink tea at any time. Cool drinks from the fridge without having to pay the prices they charge at the beach front shops, we have four kids, and that comes to a lot of money in one day just for drinks. We could stay all day, cooking the kids meals, letting then have a nap if need be, getting out of the sun when it gets to hot. We used the caravan as a trailer to ship all the beach stuff for the kids with us, so we were not cramped in the car, and if I felt like a drink, we could stay there the night without the risk of drink driving charges, and romantically watch the sun go down.

Used Caravans and Fishing

Another perfect idea for your second hand caravan. Go fishing. Take the kids, or your mates, no need for a little tent for night fishing, you can take your home. If you are sea fishing, you can cast out then sit in the warmth of your caravan and watch the lines through the window. Brilliant. No need for flasks of tea or sandwiches, you can make fresh tea and steak if you wanted to, or cook your catch straight away. It is also a good way of meeting other anglers, as you could offer them tea or shelter from rain storms. Having a used caravan for night fishing is like pure luxury for anglers.

 Used Caravans and Work

If you have a company with staff or even if you are self employed, an old used caravan may be one of the best purchases you could ever make. If you have to add petrol costs for going to and from work, it will bump up your quote, that may take you out of the price range of the client, which means you will not get the job. How many times on even a small building job do tools and materials "go missing" by the time you show up for work the next day? Stay in a caravan on site, you are less likely to lose stuff, or offer one staff the caravan on site, it will save them money on transport to get to work, and provide you with a night watchman. It does make sense, think about it your way, the way it could work for you. There are many second hand caravans for sale, think about it. Look around online, now, it could save you a fortune, and it's a good excuse to get away for a while.

 Used Caravans and Road Trips

When you are going over long distances, either from moving house from one state or country to the next, or you are planning a long driving trip for holiday, you will need to stay in hotels or hostels, and you may of even planned certain hotels along the trip. But, say you are stuck in long traffic cues and don't make it there. it does happen, do you still have to pay for the room you booked? If you had a caravan, you could stop when you wanted, if you came across a lovely picturesque town, and you wanted to stay, you could, quite easily, you get out of your car and go and open your front door.

Caravan Summary

I never had a caravan until three years ago, it was a used caravan and very basic, but so far it has help me in work whereas I am able to compete for projects hours away without adding to much on for transportation, and I do get these jobs now, before I did not. I have four kids, thirteen years old and under, it is a great comfort to have a toilet wherever we go, and the fridge saves me a lot because, I can keep food fresh and it keeps the drinks cold. If we do go out as a family, I cannot drink, because I drive, but I can now, and we have a good night out. The caravan is an excellent investment, and it does not cost that much as long as you buy a used caravan, go on, try it, you will love it. And they do not really get cold, nearly all caravans are double skinned with insulation.


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    • franksg384 profile image

      Noah Franks 4 years ago from Anderson, SC

      Very cool article, thanks for taking the time to write it!

    • davidmurree profile image

      David Murree 5 years ago from USA

      i was looking for these type of caravan for many days, i need it for a hunting program