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Cheap flights to Los Angeles

Updated on June 5, 2012
Cheap flights to Los Angeles
Cheap flights to Los Angeles

Cheap Flights to Los Angeles

So you want to go to Los Angeles?

You are not alone- Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is one of the most used airports on the planet.

But how are you going to get cheap flights to Los Angeles?

There are a whole bunch of factors to consider when trying to get cheap flights to Los Angeles.

First of all, it depends where you are coming from. Domestic flying (If you are already in the USA or Canada) is a whole different ball game than international flying. Obveously, the further you are away from Los Angeles, the more expensive your flights are likely to be.

These days, thanks to higher airline competition, the airlines have been lowering their prices and you can usually find a decent price for your flight to Los Angeles. Especially if you are flexible with your dates of arrival and/or departure.


What is the best time of year to fly to Los Angeles?

The BEST time of year to fly to Los Angeles is not nessasarily the cheapest... I personally like to be in LA during the summer- but if you do not like the heat and prefer the cold, then you are in luck because the mid-seasons and winter are the best times to fly to Los Angeles if you are on a budget.

Of course, you must avoid all holidays including Christmas, the New Year, thanksgiving etc- many people fly during these busy times and as a result the fares are bumped up.

So try to pick a quiet week in the mid seasons (Spring, Fall) or winter.

Less people fly during winter and that is probably why the fares are cheaper.

Compare different cheap flights to Los Angeles and save

It almost goes without saying that using a comparison site is an excellent idea for finding cheap flights to Los Angeles.

If you are an American domestic flying, try - it is an Australian company that recent opened a US branch. They make it very easy to compare flights to various places. You can even select a destination see the cheapest flights for each day of the month going to that particular destination.

If you are an overseas visitor you will want to cheak out your local airline competitive fare finding website.

For Australians, that would be

There are various websites like this, some of which also offer accommodation packages if you want to play your entire trip all at once.

Apparently random fluctuations in flight fare price

Sometimes the price of a flight to a certain destination (from where ever you live to Los Angeles for example) fluctuates and changes on an almost day to day basis.

Sometimes there is apparently no explanation for why this is. You can check the price of a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles for a month from now and be quoted the price of $1,250, yet the very next day the price can lower to $1,204 or even $1,100.

Also, the price might go upwards to $1,300, 1,400 or more.

There are probably internal things going on at the airline which is causing a constant fluctuation in the price- but if you wait long enough you are bound to find a good deal.

My first trip overseas cost about $900. A year later- to the exact same destination with the exact same airline: $1400, and the year after that, same airline, same destination (different time of year), $1200.

You will probably be unable to predict which way these random fluctuations are moving.

This means it is best for you to plan your trip to Los Angeles long in advance. Don't decide to leave a month from now and start trying to find super cheap flights (Unless you have to go there a month from now!)

If you plan your trip for several months, even a year into the future, you will have plenty of time to save and to monitor the markets and pick up the best deal.

Some websites, like webjet, offer a server where they email you daily with special deals on your favorite location.

So if you selected Los Angeles, they would email you every day with information about the cheapest fares to LA and also any packages they might be offering at the time.

The more time you have before you have to book, the better chances you have of netting a nice deal.

Good luck in finding cheap flights to Los Angeles and have fun when you get there!


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